Chapter 5.

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Uh-    So, sexy scenes ahead 🤷

When we arrived back to my house, he waved me goodbye before saying "I'll see you tomorrow". I waved back and began walking inside. "Where did you go?" My mom asked. "I was just with Aiden" I replied. She nodded. "Love you, goodnight" I said as I walked up the stairs to my room.

I plopped down on my bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. I couldn't stop thinking about how close I was to ruining our friendship. What the hell am I thinking. But my brain never stopped thinking about it.

The way I made his lower part happy. I could feel myself get a hard on. Ah shit I grabbed a blanket and placed it over me, I rolled onto my side. I could feel my hand slowly snake to my lower half. I grabbed it lightly before tightening my grip. I bit my bottom lip at the pleasure.  I was about to slide my hand into my sweats before I heard my window open.

I quickly sat up, removing hand from my pants. Next thing I knew Aiden was standing there, shirtless, sweaty, and out of breath. "What the hell?" I asked confused. "Why didn't you go further?" He asked, his brows furrowing. I sat, speechless. "Please.." he just stood there. "Im not sure.." I paused "Im just scared to loose this friendship" I looked away from him. "We won't loose us, we can.." he thought about his wording for a second "We can pleasure eachother and still stay us". I smiled at him.

I moved the blanket off of me forgetting about the.. well. You know.

He looked down at it. Smirking before looking up at me, and walked to me. He grabbed my face and smashed our lips together. I grabbed his wrist pulling it away from my face. He looked at me worried and confused that he did something wrong, but his confusion was lifted when I moved his hand to my lower member.

He gave me a lop sided grin as I groaned slightly when he tightened his grip.

I moved my hand to the nape of his neck and kissed him. He started moving his hand up and down, slowly, teasing me. I bit his bottom lip. I knew he could feel me bulge.

He untied my sweats, moving his hand inside of them. Then he went inside of my boxers. The skin to skin contact made me even hornier. His hand movements started to become fast, which made me gasp loudly. He took his free hand and moved it to my mouth. "Shh~".

My forehead rested on his, as he jerked me off. I opened my eyes and could see that he was aroused. I moved my hand to grip his erection. He grunted. "Oh fuck-" he moaned as I slid my hand in his pants.

I looked up at him "Your free balling?" I smirked. "I was in the shower when I decided to come over" he chuckled. "Get fully naked for me" I said, staring at him. He slowly began pulling at his sweats. Sliding them slowly down his thighs, then stepping out of them when they reached his ankles.

"Not too shabby aye?" I looked at him like a predator looks at a meal. "I don't know, that's up to you" he said. I stood up, ripping off my clothes. I walked over to me desk, grabbing my chair and sitting in it. He walked over to me, just standing in front of me. "I want you to do whatever you want to me" I said, letting my spit cover my dick. He looked at me lustfully, and beautifully, I've never wanted him more than right now.

He got closer, bent over and whispered in my ear "Suck my dick, slut".

I immediately grabbed the base and began sucking. He grabbed the back of my head, "tap me if you need me to stop" he said softly, I nodded at him. He began thrusting as hard as he could, ruining my throat. Oh my fucking god, this has been a moment I've been waiting for for years. I gagged on how big he is, but it's not like I couldn't take it. When he heard me gag he slowed down and went softer.

I tapped him "no-" I caught my breath "go harder". He immediately thrusted his hips forward, making me tear up. Hell yes . He leaned back to my ear, whispering, "jerk off, as fast as you can". I threw my hand down, and began to rub up and down, as quickly as my hand could go.

I could feel I was close, so I started to go to my limit. I was breathing harder now. Aiden noticed that I was almost there, so he pulled out of my mouth. "Get on the bed" he said to me demandingly, to which I obeyed.

He walked over and sat on his knees, pulled me forward, and started jerking our dicks together. I moaned, biting into his shoulder, which I could tell he enjoyed because he started rubbing faster. He threw his head back, and had to cover his mouth with his free hand to keep from making an loud, sexy might I add, moan.

"Oh fuck, Milo-" he then shot all over my abdomen, he cried out my name as he was shaking. Seeing him react this way made me shoot.

Now I was shaking, I bit his neck, then made my way up to his mouth, kissing him. His lips parted slightly, allowing me to explore his mouth with my tongue. He pulled away to breath for a second but before we could kiss again, there were footsteps leading up to my room. "Shit shit, bathroom!" I whisper screamed. He shot up running in and closing the door behind him I grabbed the clothes hiding it under my covers putting my shirt and sweats on. There were two knocks at the door.

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