Chapter 2.

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"C.C, I'm home" I dropped my key on the island in front of the kitchen. "Im coming" she said quietly walking down the steps "What took you so long?" She sat on a stool watching my movement "I walked" I grabbed a frozen meal from the freezer "Aiden didn't get you guys a ride?" "He offered" she stared " I like the rain" I shrugged my shoulders. I began to heat up the meals. She yawned, grabbing her phone. "Im going to my room" I walked upstairs to my room, closing the door and plopping down on my bed. I took my phone out of my pocket, the light blinding me in the process. I scrolled through TikTok for an hour or two, and it was now almost 7. I couldn't get up, I wanted to, but I couldn't, so I just flipped over. I let the music take over my brain. For hours it was just me and the music. I closed my eyes for what felt like a minute and when they opened the sun had risen. I checked my phone 7:56am well.. I stood up getting my clothes on. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth by the time i heard a honk from outside shit I rushed out, getting my jacket on my arms, along with my bag. It hung low on one shoulder. "Hey" Aiden said in the passenger seat "Hi" I smiled "Hey" Rick said, Rick is Aiden's dad. "Hello, thanks for the ride" "No problem, anytime" he began to pull out of the driveway. The gravel was loud, pounding my ears, and it went back to being quiet. Nothing but the sound of the car driving away. I looked outside to the gray sky, and the damp ground, the trees dancing under the universe. I smiled at the scene, laying my head against the car. How I would kill to be able to dance like the trees in the rain, no one questioning what I was doing. No one judging me for my actions, to just be free. "Why are you so quiet" I looked up at Rick, I smiled "Sorry" he began to laugh "Why are you saying sorry?". I felt embarrassed, GOD, I wish I was a tree right now. The car stopped and me and Aiden got out, "Bye, thanks for the ride" He smiled and pulled off. 

I looked to Aiden and we began to walk and talk. I looked to the left, seeing valentine's hearts you could buy for 52 cents. "Awe, I should have bought that for you, it would've been perfect". He smiled, which made me feel good. Finally, after a long walk down the hallway, we made it to our stairwell. "Oh my god, my legs hurt so bad. It's not even funny" He began to laugh "Why?" he asked "Because I usually sit in bed and binge series all day" I huffed, pausing a second before finally walking into class, and suddenly all eyes were on me. I bit the inside of my cheek as I sat at my desk. I looked up at the ceiling counting the tiles, and eventually the dots on the tiles, which I didn't get too far with the dots before Mr.Foltire began class. We played this fishing game which I got second place in, then started talking about boring things. I don't know what because I sat, looking at pictures of euphoria Halloween costumes on my computer. When we were finally done with whatever he was blabbering about, I began to dread our next class. Math. I don't think I was ever good, or interested, in math. Plus, he can never shut his mouth, he'll tell us to do something and when we start, he tells us we need to do another thing but make sure we get whatever we started with done as well, and if were working quietly he'll keep asking "What's next people?" and will get annoyed if no one answers but when we need him to answer a question he doesn't want to answer. It's always a guessing game with him, so I have a 63 in his class right now. But only I know that as of right now. I sat there, nothing moving but my chest rising and falling as I took a breath, staring blankly at the wall in front of me. and suddenly, lunch time had come around. Today's going by quickly I guess. We stood up, lined up, walked, lined back up, walked again, and sat back down. All I could focus on was the weight on my droopy eyelids, it felt like a tiny person was pulling my lower eye down, creating the dark circles under my eyes. I sighed, then felt a poke on my back. I turned to face Aiden "Yeah?" I asked. "I don't know" He smiled.


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