Chapter 6.

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More sexy scene? Imagine there's like 1 in every chapter 😭

"Uh-" I paused "come in".

The door opened and my dad walked in. "Hey bud" he smiled. "Hi" I smiled awkwardly. He walked over and sat at the edge of my bed.

I crossed my arms. "Mom told me you were out with Aiden today, did you have fun?". "Mhm" I nodded. "What'd you guys do?". "He took me to a fair, which was terrible" I said the last part louder. "And to make up for the fair he took me to a cute cat cafe!"

I smiled, then paused. Thinking of the make out which made me think of the sticky feeling on my abdomen. "Anyways, that's all. It was really fun". My dad nodded his head "Im glad you had fun". He stood up and walked out the door. I breathed out not realizing I was holding my breath.

The bathroom door opened to Aiden standing there naked, which made my heart beat faster again. I took my shirt back off, looking at the mess on my stomach. Aiden walked over, sitting on the bed. He started to lower his head to my stomach, looking up into my eyes. He then started to lick it. And kiss around my lower member. My head started to lean back, and my hand found it's place on Aiden's head.

When all of the substance was gone, he lifted his head. I was speechless. "Jesus Aiden". He smirked as he bit my side, leaving a mark. "Can I sleep over?" He asked, now biting my neck. "Y-yes" I stuttered. "Good" he said leaving a trail of kisses from my neck to my lips.

He lifted his head, grabbed his sweats from under the covers putting them on, then rolled over in the bed closing his eyes. "Well, goodnight then" I said rolling my eyes. "Goodnight, Centire". I smiled at the nickname.

"Can we cuddle?" I mumbled. "Mhm" he hummed. I scooted to where my back was pushed against Aiden's chest.


I woke to warmth on my back. I turned my head to see Aiden still there. I smiled widely. He yawned quietly before opening his eyes. "Good morning Centire" he said with a raspy voice. "Good morning". I smiled, trying to hide the tiredness in my voice.

I stretched, and turned my head around to kiss him. He smiled against my lips. "What?" I asked, narrowing my eyes. "Nothing" he smirked. I sat up and turned to look at him "Come on, what?" I asked again. "It's just that I could get used to this" he smiled softly at me.

I practically jumped on him, covering him with kisses. "Oh yeah?" I said. He nodded, trying not to laugh too loud. "Alright enough" he tried pushing me away but I didn't let up. He grabbed my face and kissed me sloppily. He pulled away then licked the side of my face. "Ew you little bastard" I pulled away from him, wiping my face off. I got up from the bed to get dressed.

Aiden sat on the bed staring at me and smirking as I pulled my shirt off. "What, am I too sexy for you?" I wiggled my body. He clenched his chest, pretending to have a heart attack "Ah, too... Sexy.." his head fell to the side. I chuckled "Your so stupid".

He sat back up, getting off the bed and walking over to me. He grabbed my hips and kissed the back of my neck. I grabbed his head, and turned my own to look at him. I kissed him, I felt his hand reach down to my lower part. I groaned as he gripped it, "Again?" I asked, not really minding if we did. "Do you want to?" He asked licking from my neck to my jawline. "Fuck yes".

He reached into my pants, pulling it out and tugged on it. I could feel my heart beat get progressively faster. I bit his lip, and closed my eyes as hard as I could. Trying not to let out a moan. He moved his free hand to cup my cheek, rubbing it with his thumb. He slowed his movements, giving me time to breathe. I kissed him harder, and he kissed me back. I pulled away from the kiss, tilting my head back in the side of his neck.

He started going faster again, smirking at the noise I made. "Oh my god Aiden-" my breath hitched leaned to my ear and whispered "What?" Then bit my ear lobe while his hand went faster.

"Fuck-. "Aid-en" I paused "Im cl-ose" I breathed.

"Good" he stopped and turned me around, getting on his knees "I want to swallow"

He started sucking, hard and fast. "Shit" I said as my hand flung down to his head, pushing him deeper. He gagged which made it so much hotter. He started to kiss the tip and then went back in. Shit shit shit. Im cummi- "IM CuMmiNg-" I moaned. He pushed his head deeper as I came into his throat. "Ah shit" I thrusted my hips slightly and slowly. He pulled his head away, looking into my eyes and swallowed. I cupped his cheek and stared into his eyes back at him. I smiled softly and leaned my head in to kiss him.


"Oh hey Aiden, I didn't know you were here" my mom said as she walked in with a stack of clothes. Aiden was sitting at my desk and I was sitting on my bed. "Uh yeah, sorry" he smiled at her. "It's okay!" She smiled back at him. "Breakfast is downstairs" she placed the clothes on my bed and walked out.

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