Chapter 1.

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It feels like no one is there, like the day of happiness will never come, it feels like that person is not in the future, and no one knows what or how you feel no matter if they say they do. I laid still in my bed, the only light being the purple from my TV screen, I want to cry but I can't so I let the rest of the world rotate and I note every second that passes by even if I don't say anything about it. If I'm lucky, I'll have a pack of gum beside me so that I can chew the night away without thinking of anything besides getting the bubble as big as I can. I fall asleep and wake up every day and then I curse whoever is watching the world, and my days are filled with the same things and I feel as though I'm loosing my sanity.

"Milo, are you okay?" Aiden asked. "Uh, yeah" I smiled at him "I'm fine". I looked back down at the test. "Five more minutes people, please for the love of god don't cheat" the teacher called, me and Aiden snickered at his comment. "Is something funny?" Mr.Hendricks started walking over towards us. "Uh, I just thought that it was funny" "What was funny?" "Uh nothing, sorry" I looked back down, finishing my test. "You two have detention after school" he walked back to the board. I sighed looking up at the ceiling.


I walked into detention seeing I was the only one there. There were no teachers, no principal, no students, just me and empty chairs. I sat down with my bag in my arms. 'is Aiden ever going to get here? Is he even thinking about coming to detention?' I was still, thinking to myself before hearing a door open and a blonde idiot with glasses come in. "Hey sorry I'm late-" he looked up seeing only me "Oh, hey" he smiled. 'is it weird that his smile gives me butterfly's?' "Hi". He handed me a drink, "Where'd you get this?" I was smiling now. "Why'd you think I was late?" He sat down beside me. I hugged his shoulder, he looked at me "Well that's a first". We sat all alone, I'm not sure why we didn't just leave, no one would have stopped us, but we stayed. Aiden put on a song, I'd never heard of it, I looked at the phone blasting music '1983 Neon Trees'. He was drumming his fingers to the beat, and bobbing his head.

We jumped around like the stupidest people on the planet, we were smiling though. The next song that came on was 'British Bombs Declan McKenna' the song made me feel alive, I don't know, but the tempo made me happy. We kept jumping around laughing, coughing when we were out of breath, we danced until we physically couldn't anymore. He was singing all the words to the song, I couldn't help but stare as he didn't miss one word, his blue eyes lit up more and more every time a new song would come on. I admired that about him, he wasn't scared of showing himself. A frown had grown on my face, the thought of having someone near you when you weren't exactly freaking out, and not near you when you need them, I don't know why I started thinking about it, but I did. And it stuck. I checked the time, and it was way past time to leave. "We should go" I got my bag from the floor and walked to the door. "Oh uh, okay?" Aiden got his stuff, turning the music off. He ran to catch up as I was half way down the hallway

"Why are you walking so fast?" He was taking giant steps. "Im just tired, ready to get home" I began to walk faster but he still jogged behind me. We finally reached the doors after what felt like a mile, and walked into the pouring rain. The cold droplets on my warm skin cooled me down. The feeling of the water on my face and arms, made me feel oddly comfortable. Like I had been on the earth for a thousand years, and had know the rain for a thousand more. The gray clouds covered the blinding sun, like the universe was waiting for me to finally walk out of that building. It was perfect weather, , well . . My perfect. Your in school, two pictures comes up, one is a sunny family home, and the other is a dark shaded castle looking building with trees covering it and the windows are black. The teacher asks "Which one makes you feel happy, peaceful, comfortable" you look at the two for a moment and answer, the dark one being the one you chose, the teacher tells you "That's wrong, why did you choose that one" and then you feel that thing where you think your abnormal, and like you don't belong, but you push it down and say "I don't like the bright colors".

"Milo?" He grabbed my shoulder, some how we had gotten halfway to my house, which is a few blocks away "What?" I continued walking "I've been saying your name for the past 10 minutes" he grabbed my shoulder again "Sorry I zoned out" It was true, I've been doing that recently. Listening to the sounds surrounding me or talking to myself inside of my head "You must've zoned out pretty good" he looked me in the eye "Yeah I guess," "can I walk again?" He sighed letting go of my shoulder "I'm calling a lift, if you want to walk that's you" he was jabbing at his phone "Ok" I continued walking, leaving him standing in the rain on his phone, a lift sounded nice but the rain felt so good. So I continued to walk. I smiled at the sounds of the rain patting onto the ground or the cars in the far distance driving through it. It felt refreshing, and like I could be free.


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