Chapter 1: Life on New Berk (Hiccup)

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Sometimes you can never grasp the unknown until it's in front of you
Sometimes the only proof you have are your own eyes
Sometimes you will be doubted by all but yourself
But there is no feeling in the world that can match the feeling of discovery, of proof, of the results acquired through perseverance and adventure.

The sky is silent, peaceful, still. Thick, white, fluffy clouds are scattered around haphazardly, the sun shining down through gaps. All in all, the world is simple. Peaceful.

Then a dark blur hurtles down through the clouds, a playful screech ringing out and ruining the silence. A bleating sheep flying through the air gets snatched by thick claws.


"We got it!" I whoop, clutching tight to the saddle bars as we fly through the crisp air, the black sheep clutched in paw bleating its protests. Toothless lets out an excited growl as he folds his wings to dive further down in the air, creating the signature whistle as we arrow down towards the nets suspended above water.

I can hear wing beats flying after us, but I don't even bother to turn and check because I know we're too quick— given by the sounds of them growing more and distant by the second. A smirk grows on my face, pride and amusement washing through me along with adrenaline.

We reach the nets and twist to drop the sheep into our net, where it joins four white ones and therefore making our total 14 points. "Yes! That's how it's done, bud!" I laugh as we do a celebratory barrel role, pumping my fist in the air. The adrenaline causing through our veins has us do a few more flips and twists of celebration. Man, I've missed racing! It's been a few weeks since I've been able to take part, I've been so caught up with chiefing.

"That's so not fair!" I hear someone complain as we finally circle around and touch down next to the nets. I turn to see Astrid land Stormfly next to us with a thud. "We had that game!"

We'd decided to have a duel, because everyone else couldn't make it. Eret and Skullcrusher are on a fishing trip, Fishlegs is documenting the progress of the vegetable farms, the twins are fixing the hut they all but destroyed yesterday, and Snotlout has been on a flight ban for the past week because he, well, he's Snotlout.

"No, you have the honorary spot of loser!" I retort playfully, reaching to pull my helmet visor up and looking at her with a smirk.

"You know Stormfly and I had that black sheep! You— you cut in front of us!"

"I don't know Astrid, I think this is just the jealously talking!" I tease as I gesture to the mere three white sheep in her basket. Toothless chortles a laugh and I snicker, patting him. Someone's certainly going to be getting an extra salmon tonight!

"You just wait for our next race!" Astrid snaps back, her playful tone indicating she's not really angry. "You'll be seeing a lot of Stormfly's tail!"

"Yeah, when we lap you!" I grin, whipping my visor down and nudging Toothless to take off. We peel off the side— just as Astrid lets out a fake gasp of offence that would most likely be followed by a threat if we'd stayed to hear it— and fly through the village of New Berk to the dragon hatchery, dipping over rooftops and weaving between wooden perches as we go. Dragons both with and without Vikings fly and walk around, scattered around the land and sky as they go about their lives.

"I'm going to be paying for that remark later, aye bud!" I mumble as we land on the hatchery's landing pad and I hop off the saddle. He croons happily, then nudges my arm and indicating to his tail. "Oh, 'course bud. Meet up at the Greater hall?" I say as I switch his solo gliding on. He lets out a purr before taking off, and I turn to see him float down to land next to a feeding station, where a couple of Deadly Nadders and a Razorwhip are.

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