Chapter Two

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I clutch the pregnancy test to my chest and watch as Sang runs out of the room in her hot pink shorts and black sports bra. Seconds later I hear her bedroom door slammed closed. Sang's words run and run through my head. 'I won't because I don't want that. I don't want to be pregnant. I don't want to be like her.'

I know what she's saying. I know who she doesn’t want to be like, but we will all make sure she won't. She'll never be her step mother because Sang as a heart, a heart that only has love to give.
I turn around and look back at my brothers. Their eyes too are on the empty doorway, like me, hoping she'll walk back in like that didn't just happen. "We need to get her to do that test, Doc." North says.

"We can't force her." Owen says, standing from his chair. "She's scared right now and we all know that statement was full of fear of her turning out like her step mother."

"But she won't. She's nothing like that evil woman." Gabe said.

"I agree." Owen says. "But that's who she was raised by. For sixteen years, she was raised in a certain way, it's the only way she knows."

"But we can teach her right?" Nate asks.

"Yeah, we can." I say. "We can teach her the correct way. I mean, we've all been through some shit growing up. We have all had a different childhood. Some bad, some good, but thanks to the Academy we were able to escape it early."

"Whereas Sang didn't." Kota finishes. "Sang was pretty much an adult when we found her but yet still a child."

"It took her so long to get out of the nervous habits being around us." Victor said.

"Yes, because she wasn't used to the touching, the hugs." I said. "She never had friends before us. She never had boyfriends until us. And she's never seen a child being raised, so she's scared, yet nervous because of the outcome." I sit back down in my chair next to Owen. "She's petrified she'll do wrong, but what she doesn't know is she'll only ever do things right."

Everyone is silent for a few moments, taking in what's just been said. North coughs as if to clear his throat before lifting his head from his hands. "I hate to ask, but do we know who the biological father is?"

I'm sure everyone is curious. Hell, I'm curious, but it doesn't matter to me. I will love that child as if it was my own. Obviously as the child gets older we will notice whose it is, but it's not something I'm going to think about. "As far as I'm concerned, that child is mine and yours. It's everyone's." I say.

"I'll love that child like my own, because that's what it is. It is my child, but it's also yours to. All of ours." Kota says.

Everyone around the table agrees. I only hope that its mother will love it like we already do.

Sang POV

I'm all cried all out. I've been in my room all day. I've cried and I've slept and I've cried even more. My eyes feel sore and my throat still feels tight as more tears threaten to choke me up and spill from my eyes again as I remember the events from this morning.

No one has knocked on my door which I'm grateful for but it also scares me because never do any of the boys leave me along while I'm upset. What if I've pushed them away too far? What are my chances of being able to real them back in and have them forgive me for refusing to do that test?

It's not because I don't want to know. It's because I'm scared of the results. Having kids has never crossed my mind because I fear I'll turn out like her, demanding my child to get on their knees and force lemon juice and vinegar down their throat. That's how I was raised.  It's all I know.  I bury my head in my pillow as I start sobbing quietly in my pillow again.

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