Chapter Eight

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Silas POV

The sound of multiple cries wakes me up. I look over at the baby monitor that's on my bedside table, waiting to see if I hear anyone go into the babies’ room. After a few seconds I hear Sang's sleepy voice. "Hey sleepy bum. You want feeding huh? And what about you, Sophia Ray?" Sophia makes a gurgling sound and a small screech. "Ah, well let's see if one of your daddies come in shall we?"

I smile because I know all the others that are awake are doing the same thing as me, listening to Sang talking to our babies.

It's been two weeks since the babies and Sang have been home after spending three nights in the hospital after having the babies. She's doing perfectly well and we’re not worried at all with the way she's parenting. Over her pregnancy we saw her reading book after book which she would hand of to one of us to read after she'd finished. She's a natural.

"Baby, what do you want me to do?" North’s voice travels through the monitor which is my cue to get up. None of us have a routine, we just get up. The first couple of night we were all up and in the babies’ room helping Sang. As she's breast feeding though, she has to get up to feed the babies but she's starting to think that maybe she should just express milk and feed them so at least we can help feeding them by holding a bottle.

I get out of bed and pull on a pair of basketball shorts and plod out my room.

North POV

"Can you change Sophia's diaper. I'm going to feed River first then you can change him after." She says as she sits down in the rocking chair that's in the toner of the room. I watch as she pulls down a baggy cami top, unclips the bra she's wearing at the pocket so her breast is freed and then watch in awe as the baby latches on. I can't help chuckling a little. "What's so funny?"

I peak in on Isabella to see her with her blue eyes wide as she looking up at the ceiling where the silver stars glow. I smile as I remember the first time me and Sang looked up at the stars.

"Nothing Baby."

"He's thinking the same thing were all thinking when River latches on to that breast of yours." Silas says, announcing his presence.

"Oh yeah and what's that?" Sang raises an eyebrow.

"Well Aggele, he's learning young."

We both chuckle and Sang glares at us. She sighs and shakes her head. "Boys will be boys." She says looking down at River.

I pick up Sophia and cradle her little body in my arms as I walk over to her changing unit. "Shall we change your diaper little baby." I coo at her.

Silas follows my lead with Isabella. "Never thought I'd witness and hear you coo at a baby."

"Fuck off." I tell him in Greek.

"Just because you’re speaking in a different language doesn't mean you can swear in front of the babies." Sang scolds. I silently groan at this stupid fucking rule. Then I glare at Silas because he was the one who taught her Greek.

He shrugs his shoulders a smirk on his face. "Couldn't say no to her when she asked. What can I say?"

"You could have said no. We can barely have a conversation now around her without her knowing what we’re saying." I point out. I unbutton the pale pink onsie Sophia is in and strip her out of it slowly, being careful of her delicate arms and screw that she's delicate all over.
"All our conversations were about her anyway." He points out.

"Yeah I know." I shake my head and get on with my task at hand.

Kota POV

I laid in bed listening to Silas and North bicker to each other about talking in Greek.
I chuckle a little as I remember the time Silas and North used to whisper in Greek to each other before Silas taught Sang the language. She never had any idea until one day Sang asked Silas to teach her, which he did. He soon regretted it when he realized she was picking it up quickly and everything he was saying. No more secret conversations.

I slip out of bed, out of my room and down the stairs. In the kitchen I find Nathan already up and making Sang a decaf coffee. She can't go back to her normal Starbucks ones because she's breast feeding and she's a damn natural at it.

"Hey." I open the fridge and remove the orange juice. I reach for a glass and pour myself a drink.

"Hey. I heard North go into the babies’ room so thought I'd come straight down here and make her drink."

"Silas is there now too." I tell him.

He yawns and nods his head. "Yeah. He slipped out of his room as I was coming down stairs."

I drink down my orange juice and place the glass in the dishwasher. Nate and I walk back upstairs and straight into the babies’ room.

North is walking around the room burping River as Sophia gets fed and Isabella sits in a rocker chair, waiting patiently for her turn.

"Here you go Peanut." Nate places Sang's coffee on the bookshelf.

"Thanks Honey."

I go over to North and he automatically hands me River. I place him on my shoulder and slowly rub his back up and down then pat it a couple of times before repeating the motion. I can't help the smile on my face as I look at my family in this routine, twenty year old boys that are tough as nuts but go soft as shit when a baby is placed into our arms.

Gabriel POV

I can't help but smile as I lay in bed listening to the soft murmurs of my brothers, the cooing voice from the woman that holds my heart and the gurgling from my daughters and son. We’re the perfect family.

Victor POV

I pad out my room and down the hall to the babies’ room. The door is open so I lean against it and silently watch our family in a delicate routine that Sang put together herself. Looking at Sang now nursing our daughter you would have thought she was made to do this job. She's perfect.

Luke POV

I reach for my phone and find the icon for the camera in the babies’ room. I lay silently on my bed as I watch my tough as nuts brother coo and smile stupidly down at Isabella. Never thought I'd see North like this, but I can't help but say it suits him. It suits all of us. The role of Daddy.

Nathan POV

I take a sleeping River from Kota and place him back down in his crib. I turn on the musical mobile and it starts playing the soft melody of twinkle twinkle little star. I can't help looking down at my son and thinking how perfect life has become.

Sean POV

She's a pure natural.

I'm pretty sure this girl was made for us.

Sang Sorenson has completed this family.


I shut my phone off from watching my family parent our children when they start leaving the babies’ room.

I roll over in bed and look at the photo of myself and Miss Sang Sorenson. I wonder if that beautiful creature knows she's the soul and heart of this family.


I close the door to the babies’ room quietly

The one thing going through my head right now is that this is where I belong. Moving to Sunnyvale was the best decision that my parents could have made for me. Leaving that night to go to stay in an old abandoned house was the best decision I had ever made for myself. It led me to Kota and he led me to the others and along the way of all the fights and threats, I fell in love with them as they fell in love with me.

My family full of love and trust. That's what makes us who we are. That what makes me believe it's where I belong. I can't picture my life without the boys and now I can't picture my life without those three babies the other side of the door.

All my life I've been neglected, unloved, unwanted, wanting somewhere where I'm loved and now I have it, I'll never be letting it go.

I'm here to stay.


This is home.

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