Chapter Seven

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Sang POV

I try and close my legs when I get the need to push. Sean notices me doing so and runs out of the room, returning seconds later with Dr. Roberts. "Trying to close your legs are we Miss Sorenson?" I nod. "Well, if you close your legs, you can't push out those babies. So on the next contraction, I want you to push." I nod my agreement as he goes to the door and opens it. Ten seconds later the room is swarming with equipment and nurses in blue scrubs.

Two minutes later I'm screaming I need to push. I blush when Dr. Roberts focuses his eyes on me down there, thankful for my flustered state that no one notices it.

"Okay Sang. Push for me."

So I do. Silas and Nathan hold my feet in the stirrups. I push my back into Owen’s chest and I squeeze and squeeze the hell out of North and Kota's hands.

I feel like my head is going to blow off with the pressure of pushing as I bury my chin in my chest.

After a few seconds I rest my head back. "I can't do this. I'm so tired."

"Yes, you can Pookie." Sean says, standing at my feet next to Silas, looking down at me between the blankets. His green eyes come up to mine. "I can see the head."

Everyone starts getting curious so I close my eyes so they can get a peek. I'm embarrassed they’re seeing me like this.

I feel another contraction coming on so I start pushing.

"That's it Sang Baby." North said.

"C'mon Peanut."

"I've got you Sang." Kota said.

"The shoulders are free." Dr. Roberts announces. "Come on Sang. One more little push." I don't stop. I push and push and then relax back into Owen when I hear a sound that will forever be music to my ears. Dr. Roberts holds up a baby covered in white stuff and blood. "Twin number one, a beautiful baby girl." Tears now stream down my face as I take in one of my beautiful babies. "I'm sorry sweetie but we don't have time for you to hold her. Twin number two is on its way."

I hate I can't hold my baby, so I look over Nathan. "Go with her. Please."

He smiles brightly at me. His eyes glistening with tears. "Sure thing Peanut."

Nathan follows the nurse that has our baby girl just as another contraction hits me. I go through the process of pushing again. Soon Dr. Roberts is holding another baby up. This one isn't crying but I see its eyes are open. I smile when I'm looking into familiar eyes that are not mine. "It's another girl. Congratulations." Dr. Roberts says. "Not got time again. Who would you like to go with this one?"

"Victor. Victor go with her."

He kisses me on the temple. "Okay Princess."

"Ready Sang? It's time again."

I take a deep breath, nod my head and push with all I have left inside me. My body burns with aches. My head throbs and my eyes are stinging because I'm so tired. I rest my head back on Owen’s shoulder when I hear the sound I've been waiting for. Dr. Roberts holds up a tinier baby covered in blood and white stuff. "Sang, here's your son." He says and rests the baby on my chest. I let go of Kota's and North’s hand and wrap them around my son, our son. Tears stream down my face and I can't help but smile down at the baby boy lying on my chest. I kiss his head and look at Dr. Roberts. "I'll take him to get checked out." He takes the baby from me and Sean follows him, something we agreed on in case of any complications.

I look around at my boys who are left with me around the bed and take in their tear streaked and happy faces. "I love you, all of you." I whisper before closing my eyes.


"Hey little Princess." Victor coos. "You’re going to look like your Mommy aren't you? Yes you are." I slowly open my eyes and smile at the sight in front of me.

Victor holds one of our daughters in his arms. Luke holds another bundle of pink in his and Silas holds a bundle of blue. Gabe is going through my hospital bag digging sound for clothes. Nathan has my camera and is taking pictures. I wince when my eyes get to Kota and North who are holding ice packs to their hands. Owen and Sean are nowhere in sight.

"I hope I didn't hurt you too much." I croak out.

North lifts his eyes from the bundle of blue in Silas’ arms, making the baby boy look even smaller, and locks eyes with mine. "It's just a bruise, Sang Baby. Nothing to worry about."

I smile at him. "Good." Silas catches my eyes. "Is he going to be okay?"

"He's perfectly healthy, Aggele Mou."

"They all are." Dr. Roberts says coming into the room followed by Owen and Sean. He comes and stands at the foot of the bed. "I'm very proud of you, Miss Sorenson. When I first met you, you were just a little girl, a shell of a person, now you’re a marvelous young woman with confidence that is still blossoming. All three of your babies are perfect, happy and healthy. Congratulation again, to all of you."

"Thank you, Dr. Roberts." I tell him.

He goes to the door and stops abruptly. "Oh, by the way, Owen?"

"Yes Dr. Roberts."

"The Academy has said that you and your team are to have the next six months off work. Spend time with the love of your life and your daughters and son. Be a family. Take a break." Dr. Roberts winks at me. "Catch you soon."

"Six months of work, Mr. B. Gonna be able to handle it?" Gabriel laughs.

"Of course I will." Owen walks over to me, smiling. "Were all going to have our hands full with three new babies in the house." He bends down and kisses me on the lips. I welcome the scent of his spring soap and his minty breath.

"Do we know what were calling them yet?" Luke asks.

"Yes." I whisper. Half way through my pregnancy I got a list of names I liked, boys and girls and went around asking the guys what they all thought. I was happy when they all chose the same name for a boy and pretty much the same names for girls. I made each and every one of them promise not to discuss their votes with anyone and they didn't.

Luke stands and walks over to me. He places the bundle of pink in my sleeping arms. "This is twin number two."

"No it's not." I look up at him. "This is Sophia. Sophia Ray Anderson." Everyone gives me a puzzled look at the surname. "They need a last name and I like Anderson." I shrug. "I don't want arguments over them having one of your last names so I made one up because they’re not having mine."

Faces relax at my explanation. "Sophia Ray Anderson." Luke says. "I like it."

"Me too." Everyone agrees in the room.

"What about this beautiful girl." Victor says bringing twin number one over. "What's her name?"

"Isabella. Isabelle May Anderson."

Everyone agrees they like it and I couldn't be thankful enough for that list of names I put together. I love how Sean and Owen are giving me knowing smiles. They remember the names from my list. The other haven't caught on yet.

"So what about this little fella?" Silas says. Silas rest our little boy in my arms.

"River." I look around the room as tears form in my eyes. "River Junior Anderson."

"They're perfect names."

No, they're perfect. They're all perfect and damnit, I couldn't be happier. 

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