Chapter Six

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Sang POV

I've never felt pain like this before. It's excruciating, unbearable pain. I want to know how women can ever go through this again, but then I think of my boys and how happy they have been about having babies run around the house over the last few months and think, yeah, for them I'd do it again but all that was before I felt this pain.

Now I'm not so sure.

After the boys came barging into the kitchen with panicked faces they immediately started running around collecting my hospital bag. North and Silas carried me out to his car with Sean on their heels and immediately we were off.

The others followed behind.

North drives like a maniac to the hospital as I scream in pain and stop the circulation around Silas's hand as I squeeze the life out of it.

Sweat is forming on my forehead already.

Silas and North are barking things at Sean and he's just telling them that until we get to the hospital there is nothing he can give me for the pain.

Soon enough I'm being carried in to the Academy hospital and placed onto a hospital bed. Dr. Roberts comes in and smiles at me. "I was hoping we could wait a couple of weeks but it looks like those babies are wanting out."

Sean comes up beside me holding a plastic mouth piece thing that's connected to a tube. "It's gas and air Sang, it'll help with the pain." I nod and take it from him. I put the plastic into my mouth and inhale through my mouth, exhaling through my nose. Once I have done it a few times Sean nods his head. "Good that's right."

The door bursts open and the rest of my guys walk in looking frantic.

Dr. Roberts starts checking me over.

I use the gas and air, squeezing the life out of someone's hand even when they’re whispering words of love and praise in my ear.

"Is that shit good?" North asks, eyeing the mouth piece.

"Yeah, brilliant. High as a kite." I mutter as I rest my head back onto the pillow. Gabe is immediately there putting a wet cloth on my forehead.

"Looks like you’re almost dilated, Sang. Are you ready to have these babies?"

I look at Dr. Roberts with wide eyes. "I've been in labor an hour."

"Some people are quick, some aren't. Those babies want out and they’re not waiting around." He grins and looks around the bed at all my boys who have found a place near me holding and touching me somewhere. "Are you ready to become daddies?"

Collective nods and smiles quickly turn panic and tortured as I scream again through another contraction.

North POV.

I hate it. I love those babies and I love Sang, but I hate the pain she's going through. It's torture watching her scream and yell in pain and not being able to help her.

I feel a little sick but I know I need to suck it up.

And idea comes to mind.

Without thinking, I grab hold of Sang around the wrist that's holding that stuff that's getting her high and all dopey eyed and bring it to my mouth. I ignore the protests of me doing so and inhale a few deep breaths.

When I pull it away I smile down at Sang. "Fuck, that shit’s good." She laughs and I relax a little.

Kota POV

I'm always the one that keeps calm, but right now I can't.

Sang, my beautiful Sang is in pain and there is nothing I can do about it.

I wince when she squeezes the shit out of my hand and grits her teeth through yet another contraction. I tell her to breathe through it and she does through the gas and air. Maybe I should be like North and inhale a few times to get that stuff in my system.

I shake my head at the thought. I need a clear head.

Victor POV

I grab another cloth and wet it down with cold water and start pressing it against Sang's neck and chest where sweat has formed. I'm trying to help all I can but I feel so helpless. I cringe a little when I hear her teeth grinding together through another contraction but I can't help but smirk when I see Kota wincing.

He won't care about the injury later.

Gabriel POV

I comb back Sang's hair into a pony tail to keep it from getting in her face. I know my eyes are wide as I look at Kota wincing. In a way I'm thankful I'm not in that position. Keeping her cool and whispering loving and encouraging words in her ear is the best thing for me to do.

Nathan POV

I help Dr. Roberts put Sang's legs up in the stirrups that attached to the bed and the go over to my coffee and take a drink away from Sang’s sight. Coffee is the only thing keeping me calm and collected right now and I need it.

When I hear Sang release yet another scream and groan, I look over my shoulder and cringe, but smirk, at the sight of North and Kota wincing in pain as Sang squeezes the shit out their hands. They’re probably realizing that she has more body strength then what we all thought.


I pour Sang a glass of water and get her a straw and hold it to her lips. She looks at the straw and then to me. "I'm not fucking five Silas. I don't need a straw." She's breathing hard and is all sweaty and if look could kill, I'd probably be dead.

All our eyes widen at the cuss word coming out of Sang's mouth. In the four and a half years we've known her never, ever has she said a cuss word. I quickly remove the straw and toss it on the floor and hold the cup at her lips. She drinks a few sips before chucking her head back. "I'm sorry, Silas. I love you."

I smile at her. "I love you too, Aggele Mou."

Luke POV

Gabe told me to search through Sang's hospital bag for one of Silas's baggy t-shirts because hers is drenched in sweat. When I find it, I take it to Gabe. Then I watch in horror as she starts screaming at him telling him she doesn’t want to change her shirt. Then she bursts into tears and tells him she’s too tired to move.

North and Kota sit her up while Gabe removes her sweaty t-shirt and chucks it at me and pulls another one on her. I chuck the sweaty t-shirt behind me and onto the floor and take a spot up next to Sang. Her eyes are drooping and I can tell she's tired. "It'll be over soon." I tell her which earns me a small smile and a nod right before she grinds her teeth again in pain. Shit, I feel helpless.


I watch in wonder as my team works as a team taking care of Sang. Patting down her sweaty head and neck. Whispering encouraging and loving words in her ear. I remove my jacket and shoes and go over to Sang. Her tired eyes lock on me. "Scoot her down the bed a bit." I say.
North and Kota do as I say and I climb onto the bed behind Sang. When she leans back, her back is against my chest. I wrap my arms around her and place them on her bulging belly. "It's okay, Sang. We’re almost there."


I get my phone out and take a picture of the sight I have just walked into after talk with Dr. Roberts. Owen is sitting behind Sang, his arms wrapped around her. Gabe and Victor are patting her down, keeping her cool. Kota and North are holding her hand. Silas and Nathan are stroking her legs and feet. Luke is standing beside Kota looking down at Sang in wonder. I hate seeing her in this pain, but there is nothing that can be done about it. Dr. Roberts will be in the room in a few minutes ready to deliver the babies.
I'll be support to my Pookie, encouraging her as a man I look up to delivers our babies. There are so many emotions swirling around me right now. Love is the one that sticks out the most.

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