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Epilogue - Fourteen years later - Sang POV

Today's the day we celebrate the birthdays of Sophia Ray, Isabella May and River. They’re fourteen and I wonder where the last fourteen years have gone.

The years have flow by incredibly quick and so much more has happened it's unbelievable.
When the twins and River were a year old, six months prior to that an ache in my chest kept bubbling up and at first I never knew why. A few weeks later it finally clicked and when it did, I longed for it. As I continued to watch our three babies grow the ache grew more and more.
Then finally I, me, Sang Sorenson demanded a family meeting. It was the day before the twins and River’s first birthday. My boys collected into our family room, taking seats on our sofas. Our children sat in the middle of the duck plus fluffy rug enjoying their own chatter and time together, playing with the many toys myself and my boys had bought between us over the year.

Owen stood from his space on the sofa. "What's wrong Sang?"

I don't know how they're going to react to this. I mean, we’re still young and the girls and River were accidents. But I know they love them as their own even though I can see that the girls have fire eyes that blaze when they’re excited and River has broad shoulders and deep black hair. I don't know if they can see it like I do. It's probably all the times I have sat and watched the boys, taking them in, watching them closely. Memorizing every inch of them like they'll just fade away in front of me. Even if they could see it, I know they don't care. "So..." I trail off and take in their handsome patient faces as they wait for me to continue. I sigh and look at our babies on the floor.

"I would like another baby."

I hate it when they’re silent. It makes me nervous and now I can feel the blush rising in my cheeks because I'm embarrassed. My fingers go to my bottom lip and I push it in until I feel the bite. I'm surprised when Nathan grabs my fingers and puts them in his mouth, keeping the grin plastered to it. I feel him nibble his teeth into my fingers before he withdraws them, sucking his saliva off with them. "I'd love another baby too, Peanut."

I let out a little sigh of relief but then I remember my other thing. Turning my attention back to my boys I find them all grinning at me. "There's more."

"Baby, tell us. You know you can tell us anything."

I swallow the lump in my throat that's stopping me from voicing what I want to. Maybe it's a sign for me not to say it but...oh I don't know. I think it's fair and I think that it'll be good that all of my boys have their own child..,one that shares their blood. "If we have another baby and I'm hoping there’s more in the future, specifically another seven, I'd like that each of you had your own child." I'm not sure if I'm making a lot of sense and I know my face is hopeful as I wait for their reactions

"That doesn’t bother us, Sang." Kota says.

I nod. "Yeah, yeah...I know that but I just want seven more little babies in this house all a mini version of you all."

"We don't know who the biological fathers are of the girls." Luke says.

"But you know Rivers?" I ask.

All eyes turn to Silas and he winks at me. They see it too and I know I'm the only one that sees it with the girls because other than their eyes, they’re like me and no one sees Victor’s eyes the way I do.

"That's just a guess Sang." Sean says. "But if it's what you want then I'll be happy to do it for you. That means no unprotected sex with any of us but the one you’re trying to conceive a baby with."

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