Chapter Three

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Owen POV

The love of my life has been sitting in my bathroom for ten minutes crying. I can hear her quiet sobs and sniffles through the door. But then it's not hard for me to hear them because I'm standing as close to the door as I can get. I want to knock, ask her if she's okay, but I think, no, I know she needs a little while to herself. She's scared. It was written across her face when she walked into my room. It's not a look I see on Sang often but when I do it breaks my heart a little.

"Let's collect everyone together while Sang's in the bathroom." Sean suggests.

I nod my head and push myself of the doorframe. Walking out of my room, I knock on Victor, Nathan and Kota's doors. When their doors open and they stick their heads out I mutter. "Meeting. Two minutes, family room." They nod their head and I walk down stairs.

Gabriel and Silas are in the foyer. Gabriel is cutting Silas's hair. "Meeting. Two minutes. Family room." They nod their head in agreement.

I walk into the kitchen, the smell of Italian lasagna and garlic bread hit my nose. North hears my footsteps and turns his head to look over his shoulder. "Meeting, two minutes, family room."

North nods his head and starts putting the food on low in the oven while Luke sets out the last of the plates on the table.

I go back upstairs to my room just in time for Sang to open the bathroom door. Her eyes are red raw by crying and she looks tired again. "I've arranged a meeting." I tell her as I walk in. She nods her head, gives the test to Sean, who looks at me and smiles, the smile tells me what we already knew. Sang Sorenson is having our baby.

Luke POV

I run and jump over the back of the couch and land on it next to Gabe. He's sitting back against it with his fingers rubbing at his ear rings. A nervous habit. I look over at Kota who is silently counting under his breath looking down at the floor. Nathan and Silas are sitting back, waiting, arms crossed over their chests. North's knee is bouncing and it's pretty irritating as I see it from the corner of my eye, and I know he's worried, we all are. Victor’s arms are across his chest near his ribs, his fingers lifting up and a down over his bones like playing the piano. This is a new habit with him, something he started with Sang four years ago. As for myself, I stare of at the beige wall and day dream about having Sang's babies and being one large happy and loved family.

Sang POV

I walk into our large family room. The walls are painted a soft mint green and beige. The carpet is soft and fluffy, lovely to walk around on bare feet. A huge plasma screen TV is mounted to the wall and we have four sofas spread around the room equally and a large coffee table in the middle. Pictures of us from over the years are mounted on the wall. I love this room.

All eyes turn to me as I take a seat on the empty sofa in the middle. Sean sits one side and Owen sits the other. Everyone is quiet, waiting.

I find that my fingers are playing with my bottom lip, pushing it into my teeth, a habit I thought I had quit. It didn't take Nathan long to come and sit down in front of me, take my hand from my mouth and put it in his. We still do this all the time because it's our thing, but he hasn't had to do it for this reason.

I look up and meet his eyes. Full of worry and I hate myself for putting it there.

Dropping my gaze to my lap I say. "I'm pregnant."

The silence is rather deafening to my ears. I don't like silence when it comes to the boys.
Looking up, I find nine bright smiles but hopeful eyes.

Nathan gets my attention by removing my fingers from his mouth. "Peanut, are you okay with this? We'll help you, you know that. This baby is as much ours as it is yours."

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