Chapter Five

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April seventeenth couldn't come round quick enough.

I'm now thirty seven weeks pregnant with the twins and thirty five with our third baby. It's been a long few months.

I'm swollen, fat and can barely move. I'm hot and sticky and oh so tired. I'm aching all over and getting frustrated I can't do anything.

Everything has been going perfectly. Dr. Roberts is happy with how I'm taking care of myself and the babies. I have balanced meals and I've cut out all of my caffeine even if it hurt to do so. Instead I found a new addiction of milk and cookies. Which means I make North or Luke bake them for me every couple of days because I eat them up so quickly. Dr. Roberts told me on my last appointment two weeks ago to start resting up as he don't want me moving around too much that can causes the babies to arrive early. He wants me to hold off at least another two weeks. For some reason, I doubt that's going to happen.

The fears of me becoming my step mother disappeared within a few months after many talks and even a couple of sessions with a counselor from the Academy. The lovely lady said to me that I shouldn't have any worries as I'll have the support system I'll need. After someone else telling me I'll have all the support I need to not let me become my step mother, the fear went and I've been happy and enjoying my pregnancy since.

I'm so tiny and my belly is so large.

Gabe had a field day buying me my pregnancy wardrobe at around thirteen weeks when it was official I could fit in any of my clothes but sundresses. And as the weather was getting cooler, I need warm clothes so I didn't argue. I put on the clothes he told me to and listened when he was giving me advice I tried to take in but my tired brain couldn't handle.

We've also moved houses. After finding out we were having three babies, we all agreed that we will need a bigger house so we sold our one up and moved to a fifteen bedroom house all with bathrooms and walk in closets. It has a large garden out back with a swimming pool and a large garage that fits all our cars plus North’s bike.

The kitchen is massive and I can't wait to get in there and cook up a feast for my boys. I love this new house and it's all ours.

I groan and push myself up from the couch. I need cookies and milk and I don't want to call out for any of the other guys because they’re upstairs following Gabriel's orders on setting up the babies’ bedroom which is next door to mine.

We all agreed that the babies should have their own room from birth because we all want to be a part of midnight feeding and early mornings. Owen also said it wasn't fair if all nine of them squeezed into my room along with three cribs so after a large discussion and arguments, we came up with the babies having their own room.

I waddle...yes, waddle, my way into the kitchen and over to the huge stainless steel fridge. Opening the door I find the milk and set it on the counter, closing the fridge door behind me. I find the glasses in the cupboard on the wall. I have to stretch up and reach it. Just as my fingers graze the glass to grip it into my hand I hear what sounds like a jug of water being chucked over the floor. It makes me jump, which makes me knock a couple of glasses from the shelf and they clatter down onto the marble counter, shattering. But then I feel a sharp pain up my back and around my stomach. Immediately I know that the gushing of water sound was coming from me.


"A little bit higher." I move the large picture up a little further and North follows my lead. "Just a little bit higher." I move it up again. North follows. "No. Down just a fraction."

I turn my head and glare at Gabe. "You want it back in the space it was two seconds ago?"

He squints and studies the pale yellow wall in thought. "Yes. Exactly where it was before."

North grunts and we both move the frame down. "Perfect." I remove my pencil from my ear and mark where he wants the picture.

We've been in here all morning, completing finishing touches to the babies’ room. The walls are painted in a pale yellow. Rainbow colored curtains hang from the windows and the light oak wood floor has just been polished so it shines. The room is perfect in my opinion. We don't know the sex of the babies as Sang wanted to keep it a surprise so we though we'll go natural yet relaxing with the colors.

I push myself of the wall and North takes the photo frame from me and places it on the floor so it's leaning back against a changing unit that is piled high with diapers that need to be packed away.

"I can't wait until this is all done so I can get the fuck out of here and downstairs. Sang shouldn't be alone." North grumbles as he reaches up and starts hammering a nail into the wall.

"No she shouldn't, but it needs to get done. Doc doesn’t think she's going to make it another two weeks like Dr. Roberts said." I say.

"Yeah. I know." I leave North to hammering and go over to Nathan, Kota and Luke who are putting together the last and final crib.

"Need a hand?" I look at the crib. It's white and large. It's sort of old fashioned but up to date. I don't have a clue really because we left all the shopping between Sang and Gabriel. Victor just handed over his credit card. But when it came to clothes we all brought what we wanted the babies to wear and we didn't care what Gabe said about them.

Kota shakes his head. "Na. We've done it now."

"Thank fuck." Nate grumbles. We all stand and lift the crib into the correct position and then push it up against the wall with the others so their lined neatly.

"It's done now." Luke says, wiping the sweat on his forehead onto his shirt.

I'm about to go into the bathroom that joins onto the babies room when all of a sudden we hear a glass shattering. North drops the picture to the floor. Gabe drops his clipboard and pencil. Vic, Doc and Mr. B run out of the bathroom where they were making sure everything was cleaned at set up.

We all run down stairs and into the kitchen. We all stop in our tracks when we see a puddle of water at Sang's feet and Sang's beautiful pale face. "I think it's time." My beautiful Aggele says before screeching in pain.

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