Chapter Four

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Sang POV

I can't stand still. It's not because I'm nervous. It's excitement, happiness and impatience, emotions that I have never felt all at once. Over the last week I have come round to being pregnant and becoming a Mom. I know my fear is still there in the back of my mind, but knowing I'll have the guys every step of the way calms me and pushes back the fear even more.
This past week I have had my head buried in pregnancy and baby books, reading with each of the guys whenever we can and taking in whatever we need to know for the first trimester of pregnancy.

Sean has been giving me a lot of advice and has demanded that Nathan hides up all the Starbucks coffees until we can go to the store and get decaf.

I was angry. I wanted a damn coffee and I couldn't have one so I went to the fridge to get a soda and that too was taken out my hand a replaced by a glass of orange juice by Luke. You could say I glared at him which only made him grin.

This morning Gabe pampered me. He painted my toes and finger nails, gave me a face mask and massaged my shoulders. He then blow dried my hair, applied my make-up and then had me go and put on a pair of my jean shorts and a pale pink shirt.

I walk out the bathroom ten minutes later in my underwear because I couldn’t do the button up on my shorts and the shirt felt too tight.  Gabriel tried not to laugh, but he couldn't help it. This brought the attention of my eight other boys into my room. When Gabriel finally got out what was wrong through his laughter, I glared at my boys as they fought their own laughter before going to my closet and picking out a sundress. I then went into my bathroom, slamming the door behind me.

So now I'm wearing a yellow sundress that hangs to just above my knees. My breasts look larger in the gathered material that supports them and the skirt hides my bloated belly. I'm wearing sandals on my feet as I pace up and down the hallway of the hospital.

"Sang baby, please sit down. You’re driving me crazy."

"And making me dizzy." Luke said.

I shake my head. "I can't. So many emotions are going through me at the moment."

"Pookie, you need to sit down and calm down." Sean says. "Dr. Roberts will be here in a few minutes."

I sigh and follow his advice by sitting down in between he and Luke. They both take hold of my hand and I intertwine my fingers with theirs.

A few minutes later I hear footsteps coming down the hall and look up to see Dr. Roberts. I stand from my chair which makes Dr. Roberts grin. "Impatient are we Miss Sorenson?"

"Yes." His grin widens.

"Come on then, follow me." We all follow Dr. Roberts down the hall and into a large room that's a little dark for a hospital room. A hospital bed lies in the middle of the room and beside that is a monitor with a computer screen. "If you can hop up on the bed for a moment. A nurse will be in to take your blood pressure and some samples and then we can take a look of that baby of yours." He winks at me and then walks out the room. A nurse about the same age as me walks in. To the world outside the academy, she would have been too young to be a nurse, but in this world it's normal so it doesn't surprise me anymore.

I see her brown eyes scan my men from head to toe. She bites on her pouty red lip and gives them a seductive look. I find myself snapping my fingers in her face and hissing. "I'm here. Not there." Her eyes widen for a moment before she starts scurrying around. Then I remember what I just did. "Oh my.."

"Sang Baby, did you just get jealous?"

"No." I snap. But I look at his amused eyes and the playful smirk on his face and it tells me he doesn't believe me. I look at the others and they too have a similar look on their faces. "Okay..." I look at the nurse who’s keeping busy by putting a blood pressure wrap around my arm. "..maybe."

I hear snickers but ignore them. I don't know what came over me and I'm actually a little confused, but I force myself to not think about it right now.

Minutes later the nurse has everything she needs and Dr. Roberts walks back in. "If you can lie down on the bed for me, lift your dress and we'll see what's going on in the womb of yours."

I do as he says. Sean put a blanket over my legs, covering the top of my white lace panties, leaving my belly bare to the eleven of us in the room.

"This might be a little cold." Dr. Roberts says before squirting an ice cold gel on my stomach which causes me to flinch. He chuckles. "Sorry."

"It's fine." I give him a small smile. My boys surround me. Gabe stands at the top of the bed, his fingers running through my hair. Victor is holding my shoulder, drawing a figure eight. North is holding onto my hand. Kota and Silas hold a foot each. Luke stands next to North and Nathan stands next to him. Sean and Owen stand behind Dr. Roberts.

Dr. Roberts picks up a wand and places it on my stomach. A whooshing sound fills the room and my heart beats quickly in my chest. He clicks a few buttons on a keyboard, keeping his face blank. So I look at Sean who’s looking at the screen. His head is cocked to the side and his eyes are narrowed as he studies the screen. "How.." Sean doesn't finish his sentence.

"Is everything okay?"

Dr. Roberts looks at me and smiles. Her turns the screen around and I feel tears burn my eyes at the sight of a little peanut on the screen. He moves the wand over my belly and another size peanut shows beside it. My breath catches in my throat, but then he moves the want again and then a blob the size of a seed is shown. "Miss Sorenson I'm happy to say you are definitely pregnant. The twins are at nine weeks and the single baby is at six weeks. You fell pregnant again a few short weeks after conceiving the twins. It's rare, but it happens. It's also likely that the third baby is fathered by another one of your boys."

I'm speechless. Dumbfound. I've never heard of anything like it before.

Gabriel's fingers stop running through my hair. North’s hand goes slack in mine. Kota and Silas' hands tighten around my feet.

"Does it complicate anything?" Sean asks.

Dr. Roberts shakes his head. "No. Unless she goes into premature labor which is a fifty-fifty chance with carrying twins anyway. If she goes full term then baby number three will probably have to go into the ICU as technically it will be premature, but we'll keep a close eye on Sang herself and all three of the babies." He smiles at all out of our dumbstruck faces. "Now, shall we listen to your babies’ heartbeats?"

I nod my head numbly and soon enough a thump thump fills the room. "That’s baby number one of the twins." We all listen to it carefully. It's a sound I want to listen to for the rest of my life. "Number two of the twins." Dr. Roberts says before as exactly the same sound fills the room. "And your baby number three." I can't stop the tears from falling now. "All three are strong. Congratulations, all of you." The sound of a printer fills the room and Dr. Roberts hands a few strips of pictures from different angles to Sean. He looks back to me. "Make an appointment on your way out to come back again in three weeks for a twelve week scan." And with that he walks out the room.

"Doc, I don't understand." Kota says to Sean.

Sean lifts his eyes from the pictures and look at Kota. "What don't you understand?"

Nathan grabs some paper towels and gently wipes the gel from my belly. "How is that even possible?" Nathan asks.

"Well basically it means that Sang's ovaries released another egg a few weeks after ovulation. It happens sometimes, no one can stop it from happening. But then unprotected sex obviously made that egg into a fetus."

"But she was taking her pill over that time? Why would another egg get released?" Victor asks.
"Because with the pill, you need to take it correctly for it to work. If Sang never had a period, the pill wouldn't have been able to do its job properly." Sean explains.

I sit up on the bed. "What's the chance of it happening again?"

"It's a very rare experience Pookie. It's unlikely it will happen again." I nod my head in understanding but then a smile spreads across my face.

"We’re having three babies." This causes my boys to laugh. It's then I know that everything is going to be okay.

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