Chapter 5: Seki.

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There was a time when she once was a young little girl. Her father would tell her of great tales that she'd always believe to be legends. She didn't necessarily believe in them, although she had a few encounters with different Yokais here or there. Her favorite story was the tale of the 魔女. The 魔女 was a tall woman in a black silk dress with high heels you could hear walking on the rocky pathways. She would hum only one tune to lure her prey in. That tune was a quite popular song that her father used to sing to her as a child. It was called "Tiptoe Through the Tulips". The myth behind the song was a bit scary for such a young child to know. However, she understood every story completely well at the age of 9. The reason her favorite tale was of the 魔女, was because she admired how the 魔女 could control people as her puppets. It had always amazed her as a little girl. To control people as a puppet would be entertaining if you consider it. You can make even the people you hate the most do something you want them to do by simply controlling them. The one thing the little girl disliked was having to make a deal in order to control someone. She believed the idea of that was a bit too difficult, but the 魔女 was capable of anything in those tales she remembered.

It was a bit difficult to live with her family sometimes. Her father often had to leave daily with his blessed sword in hand. He would always hug her before leaving out the door saying, "If I am not back by dawn please don't ever go into the forest and become her pawn. I love you a lot ------, stay safe until I am back." He patted her head while heading outside. That was the last memory she had of her father. He was gone, never to be seen or heard of again.

She laid in her clean hospital bed, awaiting the return of her father while staring outside her room window. Tomorrow is his birthday, she thought to herself while watching two birds fight over food for their family of minuscule hatchlings. She longed to see her father. Afterall, it had been five years since he had disappeared without a trace or word in place of where he supposedly was.. It was unbearable to be without him. Without her father, she got worse and worse. She soon fell ill with a sickness. She decided she would try sleeping until midnight, so she could walk around the hospital without suspicion. Finally, midnight had arrived. She was still asleep when she suddenly awoke coughing a lot. COUGH COUGH COUGH. She started coughing up blood again. However, today she wasn't going to let it bother her. She wanted to visit the hospital courtyard afterall. Although the only issue was, she wasn't good with directions.

She slowly stood up from her bed to walk towards the room door. Click She opened the door while walking out of her room slowly. She looked up next to the door to read "ROOM 8413: ------ Masashige". She then wobbly walked to the next corner she saw within her hallway. Above the corner there was a sign telling directions. She found the arrow pointing towards the courtyard and decided to walk in that direction. The sign flipped behind her saying "Shi". She kept walking forward while in pain. I can make it. I'll make it today, today is the only day I'll be able to make it, she repeated to herself over and over. She hadn't noticed that as she walked forward the hallway got darker every step. She started coughing more. COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH. She coughed up more blood while falling on the floor. She crawled until she was able to pull herself up. Grabbing the wall, she pulled herself up into a standing position. She walked furthermore. Thankfully, she finally made it to the courtyard. It was full of vast green grass, blooming flowers, and glowing warm butterflies. She smiled as she admired the beauty surrounding her within the courtyard. She smiled as she admired the beauty surrounding her within the courtyard. Her heart was full of content as she observed the butterflies fluttering around her. There were white, green, blue, and black glowing butterflies. They were very beautiful to her. One landed on her hand as she held her palms out. She carefully petted the butterfly while making sure to not cause any harm to the small creature. 

    Suddenly, she felt a slight breeze from behind her. I thought nobody was here..? She thought to herself as she slowly turned around. She saw a tall black figure standing only a few centimeters away from her. She jumped back with her hand held onto her mouth to keep from making any loud sounds. She analyzed the figure's features. It was a tall woman with a sun hat, long luxurious curly hair, a long silk dress, and elegant high heels. All of which were lifeless and black. She opened her mouth asking, "Who are you? And why are you here?" The figure smiled in reply, "I am quite sure you heard about me from those tales your father taught you. Think a bit more." She thought to herself a bit, thinking about whom the identity of this figure belonged to. Her eyes widened as she suddenly fell on the ground in shock. It's.... The.. 魔女.. But why is she.., she thought to herself. The girl looked up at the figure while asking out of pure fear, "Why are you here? Is there something you want from me?" The figure looked down at her. "I will say this, you can call me Kintoru." , said the figure, "I've watched you for a severity of time while seeing your illness get worse every day. I can offer you something that can heal you, but in return you must do something to me. Do you agree?" Kintoru held her hand out towards the girl. The girl shook in fear while remembering all the words her father had told her. Don't become her pawn. The last words he said to her exactly five years ago. 

    The girl began to cry out of frustration and fear. She couldn't decide if she should trust the figure or abide by what her father had said. Kintoru asked, "Would you like to see your father again? If you want to see him, I can heal you. But you would still have to do one thing in return." The girl looked up at Kintoru in shock. She didn't know how Kintoru knew about her father. "Do.. Do you know where my father is..?" she asked Kintoru. Kintoru simply nodded in reply to the girl's question. "If I agree to this deal, what would I have to do in return?" asked the girl. Kintoru looked at the girl again saying, "You will simply have to hold my hand. I can take you to where your father is, if you trust me. I promise, you will be happy again. And you won't have to deal with this sickness." The girl, without hesitation, reached for Kintoru's hand. She grabbed onto it. Kintoru smirked viciously as she picked the girl up and threw her down. The girl's vision became blurry. For what had seemed like a long time, she watched a butterfly flutter all the way back to her hospital room. She saw her father hugging her once again. Something she had longed for, for such a long time. Smiling through her tears, her vision went black as her skin turned pale. Her body lay there in a mess of despair. 

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