Chapter 12: Osore.

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A little girl grew up in such a cruel world. She learned from such a young age how to turn her fear into fiery anger. Her childhood was full of her getting in and out of boarding school. She had to constantly show that she was stronger than the other kids to gain ownership. She had a rough childhood. After all, the only person she could look after was herself and her friend she grew up with. Her friend's name was Saeri. Saeri and the little girl would play with each other every day. They spent most of their lifetime together. The little girl always tried to hurt those who made fun of her, but with Saeri she was a bit under control. 

The little girl was simply normal. She had beautiful long brown hair and dark brown eyes with her skin as fair as snow. She had the perfect face for such a young girl. The teacher's were quite fond of her. However, she didn't have a name. When she first met Saeri, she couldn't properly introduce herself. "U-uh.... Hi.." said the girl shyly. Saeri looked at her while asking, "Hello, are you wanting to become friends?" The girl nodded. She never really had a friend before. Saeri would become her first and only friend. The girl replied, "I would really love to be friends.. nothing more." "Well since I said my name, what's yours?" asked Saeri. The girl froze as she stared with her face at the ground. "Do you not have a name?" The girl nodded as she balled her fists into her shirt, expecting to be ridiculed by Saeri. Saeri smiled happily, "I'll call you... Juno! What do you think about that?" The girl blushed at hearing the name. She felt as if it fit her perfectly. "I really like that name... thank you.. Saeri." said Juno cheerily. 

Juno loved spending time with Saeri. They would do everything together after they met. Saeri and Juno knew each other very well, but there was one thing Saeri didn't know about Juno. She didn't know Juno had anger issues. Although she was there for Juno, she kept worrying about trivial matters.  She had worried about her parents, the ones who put here in this "god forbidden" place. She would often cry herself to sleep every night knowing the day drawing near. Juno walked into Saeri's room finding her dear friend crying. Her eyes were pink and swollen, her face drowning in tears, but she always wore that sweet little smile on her face. "Are you okay Saeri?" asked the worried Juno. Saeri quietly whispered, "They're coming to get me tomorrow...." "Who do you mean by "them"?" "My parents.." Saeri curled into a ball even more, crying to the point of suffocation. "Saeri...." Saeri showed Juno her back. "Oh my god Saeri... why..? Why did they do this to you.....?" Saeri gulped before replying, "Growing up I thought my family loved me but.. they just marked me like I'm just nothing but mere cattle to them, I guess. I'm used to it though. Don't worry about me Juno. I'll be out of your life tomorrow. You'll be thinking 'Good riddance, she was a nuisance anyways.' Just like everyone else. That's all they ever do. They pretend to know you, they pretend to care about you, but in the end they leave you like you're nothing. You're just left thinking another one bites the dust. You know what I've been doing lately? I've been thinking, is it really worth all of this. I mean.." Saeri sobbed as Juno embraced her with a warm hug. Juno hushed Saeri as she rocked her back and forth. Juno sang a song to calm her down. Saeri fell asleep soundly thanks to the peace brought by Juno. For once Juno thought to herself: Heh.. I wasn't a burden today I guess. I'll see you tomorrow princess Saeri, before you leave. I'll miss her a lot to be honest. This'll probably hurt.  

The next day arrived without the bat of an eye. Juno had a terrible gut feeling something would happen. She noticed something peculiar on top of her dresser. There was a black object lying across it. She reached for it while realizing it was just a sunhat. A beautiful, black, and oval shaped sunhat. She decided to wear it as she opened her drawers. They consisted of a shell bracelet, a fire keychain, and even a snow globe. Juno was shocked. Where did these items come from? Who gave them to her? She knew well enough it wasn't Saeri, at least. She looked at the clock, "Oh! I'm gonna miss Saeri leaving!!" She dashed to Saeri's room to see an empty bed. Glancing out the window, she saw a forest down below and Saeri. Saeri got into the car with her parents as they drove further into the forest, the last sight being Saeri's long silk hair. Juno teared up. She never got the chance to say goodbye. 

Juno awoken to a day without Saeri. The news had discussed the death of a young girl that was reportedly found in the forest. Everyone turned their heads toward Juno. The blame went to Juno. Juno this. Juno that. It was always Juno. All because of her existence she had to suffer more than anyone she knew. The police came from being told under the suspicion of Juno. She was framed for the murder of her best friend who was hurt to death. Growing up in juvenile detention changed Juno. She could barely live with herself. The guilt eventually overcame the poor girl. "What could I have done to stop this..?" The question she asked herself every year, month, week, and day. All she ever thought of was Saeri's smile. The sweet smile that made Juno feel like she was home. The smile that made Juno happy now bringing pain and grief.

Juvenile detention was no different from boarding school, at least in Juno's eyes. Her anger issues slowly got worse from the harsh treatment she received.. She was released when she turned eighteen. She finished high school at a late age becoming the champion of the track field. However, she still suffered under guilt becoming a victim to both fear and anger. She had isolated herself from family and friends until the birth of her cousin. He was a beautiful baby that reminded her of Saeri. She had hope he would have a successful life.

One day while hiking through a forest by herself, she came upon empty cabins. There were podiums of skulls in the mountains surrounding her. A grey skull, a white skull, a black skull, and a red skull. She didn't know why or even how the skulls ended there. She attempted to alert authorities on her phone, but there was no signal. She angrily threw her phone as she yelled, "Why is there no damn signal here! They said the signal out here was fine enough to make calls for emergencies. Stupid lying women." She stomped back down the mountain until she noticed a huge rock reading "E V I L G O D". she shuddered at the phrase. Her entire body shook as she felt the feeling of pure worry and sickness. She vomited into a bush beside the rock until her stomach was empty. "Where the hell am I? This is no longer the place I hiked to.."

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