Chapter 2: Trust.

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Hiachi was a frail yet playful little girl. Hiachi loved her mother, Futaomote, very deeply, although she wasn't the best at times. The village had shun both of them. They considered the little family insane. It was difficult living in that kind of lifestyle, especially while raising a beautiful eight-year-old daughter. However, Hiachi had only one friend.. and that friend was Shaku, from beginning to end. Hiachi would always enjoy playing with her doll, talking to her as if she were to be an actual human being. A few of the villager children used to bully Hiachi due to her Mother, and Hiachi's own issues. They would throw rocks at her with the letters "E V I L", but she would always find a way to escape from harm's grasp.

One day, things changed for the "better".

Hiachi was out within the woods playing with her little doll made of lead. Suddenly, the land began to shake right from beneath her feet! Hiachi looked around and around, knowing that something was wrong somewhere, somehow. She did not know what to do. For it was her first time with an calamity askew. She grabbed Shaku by her little head while running faster than she ever thought she could. Hiachi ran and ran until she slipped through a crack. Her vision became blurry, ending with black.

She awoken within in fates grasp. The world bathed her in pink and red. For once, she wished she stayed in bed rather than dealing with this instead. She stood up with Shaku while looking far up above. Chains engulfed the pink and red. She stood there with her little head, her eyes wandering every corner of the cavern. Hiachi stayed there from dusk till dawn in pure amazement.

This cave was bigger than any habitual cave. There was a vast Sakura tree before her very eyes. The tree, immersed in chains, had a tall black figure laid across it. Suddenly, the figure began to form before Hiachi's very eyes. The figure looked very similar to her Mother. Hiachi was astonished while looking at the figures beauty. She then asked the figure, "Who are you...?" The figure stared at the little girl full of curiosity. "I have no name," the figure replied. Hiachi smiled while saying, "Then your name shall be Sama! Because you look almost like my mama." The black figure was a bit confused but accepted the name regardless.

Hiachi, Shaku, and Sama all spent their time in the cave together. Hiachi, so young yet feeble, didn't notice the amount of time passing by. Or even her time ticking each day that went by.

One day, Hiachi was playing around with Shaku in the tree when suddenly Sama reached up and held Hiachi in her arms. Hiachi giggled while asking, "Can you spin me in a circle Sama?" Sama took the little girl while spinning around and around. Hiachi held her arms up joyfully as she saw a blue butterfly fluttering nearby. Sama then held Hiachi close to herself while seeming sad. Hiachi looked up to Sama and asked, "What is wrong Sama..?" Sama looked down at the littler girl, gazing at how frail she was. Sama had longed to take Hiachi's soul.. but she needed trust. She smiled while saying "My dearest Hiachi.. we are family.... are we not..?" Hiachi nodded in agreement. For she considered Sama her sincere mother. "Can you do me a favor, my darling Hiachi?" Sama asked Hiachi. Hiachi confusedly asked, "Sama, what is a favor?" "Well... a favor is like doing something nice for someone..," replied Sama. She took Hiachi and showed her the paper seal on that had laid on the tree for longevity. Hiachi stared at the paper while trying to read the message asserted across the paper. She could only make out a few letters before Sama stated, "My dearest Hiachi.. can you please take this paper of the tree so we can move about freely..? I promise you eternal joy.." Hiachi nodded in agreement, not knowing she was within grasp of Sama's maw. Carefully, Hiachi took the paper off little by little.

Sama laughed as the little girl suddenly fell down, her vision blurred. "My dearest Hiachi, You're frail yet full of beauty. Such youth one would be blessed for! A victim of truth, yes, whom is to vouch for? Your only family has disgracefully become full of insanity. Your mother was once abnormal but now she's a mere mortal with the other assemblages. Your desire is to see your mother again, is it not?" Hiachi cried while saying, "Yes... I miss my mama..." Sama grinned vigorously and replied in a booming voice, "Your wish is my command, and you will never escape fates hand. I promised you eternal joy, but this family was merely a decoy. After you suffered from calamity, your family will last for eternity as my marionettes." Hiachi's vision suddenly became dark as she laid on the floor, lifeless.

End of chapter Two.

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