Chapter 8: Ritsuzo

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The boy wandered the mysterious cave with his only flashlight. He kept searching for his friends within sight. He didn't know that he also lost himself, amidst looking for his missing friends. He fell within the web of lies. Slowly becoming a victim with a mere demise. Upon probing for his friends, he saw a beautiful statue of a woman in the moonlight. Her figure glowed magnificently under the shining blue light. He slowly walked up towards the woman. He glimpsed at her piercing dark eyes, wondering if there was a soul, or someone within the hollow stone. Suddenly, the woman grabbed him by the shoulders while he lost vision of his current self. He fell through water, catching small glances of butterflies fluttering when he hit the ground hard.

He slowly got into a kneeling position as he heard a woman in the distance speaking to herself. He decided to hide within the bushes so he could catch a glimpse of the woman. He saw the woman at work. She seemed to be carving a stone statue. It turned from stone into a mystical wonder. "If only I could muster the courage to start conversations with people. My business would be splendid by now!" said the woman to herself as she chuckled. She kept carving at the stone, turning it into more than a mere splendor that many would enjoy to view. 

The boy watched as he saw a tall woman appear behind the sculptor. She whispered something into the sculptor's ear while handing a butterfly to her. The sculptor squished the butterfly and splattered it's everything onto her hands. He watched for what seemed like weeks of her business starting to grow. She gained more money as people were amazed from her talented work. The moon rose into the night breeze. It's beaming light reflected on the sculptor's subtle skin. Slowly, she began turning into the very stone she once sculpted into magnificent images. She stood in the form of a beautiful image, representing a woman reaching for the moon and stars. The last elegant sight she humanly experience she ever had as her last moments. 

The boy sat in the bushes while crying his heart out for the woman. He was sealed into this dimension by the tall figure and promised to himself that HE would free them all. These monsters who were once human, will be freed with their souls finally laid to rest. He promised he wouldn't fail them. He would find a way out, not just for himself, but for all of them. The monsters, his friends, and whoever else was to come across his pathway. As he awoken back on the ground in front of the statue woman. He decided to call her Shizu. His hand made contact with Shizu's hand. It felt as if Shizu were crying, but nothing showed. Not even a sign of emotion showed. 

With a big gulp, he ran onwards with full confidence for the fate that was promised for him.  

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