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♡The mimic one shots♡ by Cuushi
♡The mimic one shots♡by Ratata
This idea come when i was playing the mimic with my friends. and one of my Friends tell me about what if i do a the mimic one shots. MUCDICH is the creator of the mimi...
A normal day with the Masashige's by MeadowCloudy
A normal day with the Masashige'sby Meadow/Yon
Man, I have no idea wtf I am doing rn oml. This is an au btw lol. |•|Ships|•| Daku x Keiko/Dako(I FORGOT THE SHIP NAME FU-) Others are single Pringles lmfao.
The Mimic Theories, Moments & Headcanons by VeroHasDissapeared
The Mimic Theories, Moments & Vero★
These are just the mimic theories I've come up with at random times! occasionally you can find screenshots of moments I've encountered in the mimic too. anyway cutely fl...
The Mimic:Incident by AkaroKaro
The Mimic:Incidentby Karo ♡
The Mimic incident is based on a roblox game called the mimic! also chapter 1 will be on the 2nd page as putting the ocs in here would be probably annoying so yeah! enjo...
Kazeko and Hanzu headcanon by Helloimunderthewotar
Kazeko and Hanzu headcanonby Helloimunderthewotar
This is a 1-chapter book that tells the story of my headcanon about Kazeko and Hanzu. Basic Info: Hanzu: In game: never human This headcanon: previously human Kazeko I...
the mimic stuff #2 by cyrotzai
the mimic stuff #2by CYR0TZ411
=3ehuwsv btw in some chapters there may be cross-overs with other fandoms idk
Random fnaf or anything else :P by UnknownMist90
Random fnaf or anything else :Pby Blue gaming Gem
For this ima just us random fandoms u.u
THE MIMIC by Akaashiswifau
this is a Japanese legend of a girl (group for this story) of friends who goes to their old high school, searches for hope to find their missing friend, Haichi. When you...
The mimic oneshots cuz the ones I read contain nsfw by OnionWithShotgun
The mimic oneshots cuz the ones OnionWithShotgun
So basically I made this because 1. The reader is the MC 2. Im uncomfortable with any romantic shaku, hiachi and Biwaki stuff 3. Theres nsfw stuff containing characters...
The mimic by yourmomhottiehot
The mimicby Kat Misy
Everyone is a monster
Best friends forever by Rise_Of_Blood_Moon
Best friends foreverby Remy Charmson
Inco and Yuma was best friends. Yuma is a japan demon, Inco a demon slayer grandchildren. They promised to never hurt eahothers.... But....... something hanged. (Inspira...
Mindless by Helloimunderthewotar
Mindlessby Helloimunderthewotar
This is a headcanon of the fleshbags lore, which means this is NOT OFFICIAL. All the characters (except Kintoru) are made up by me, so don't go talking with the official...
The Mimic by fandom_wolf1
The Mimicby fandom_wolf1
A group of three best friends go on a journey back to their old school to find their missing friends. However upon searching, an dark entity stalks them... Now they mu...
The girl and the witch (Roblox Mimic) by _TotallyBleepBeep_
The girl and the witch (Roblox Potato
⚠Major spoilers⚠ Art cover not mine! creds to the person who made it. this story is about "The girl and the witch" which is a storyline in 'The Mimic' (Book 1)...
The Mimic (Book 1) (UNDER SERIOUS EDITING) by Stronghold_reads
The Mimic (Book 1) (UNDER Wolfurrix
Cathy, Jackson, Olivia and Jade went to their old school. But a dark shadow roams the school. Can they escape that shadow? This is based on the roblox game the mimic Ev...
Phasmophobia [Info Book] by AcidicRose77
Phasmophobia [Info Book]by bell
i spent way too much time making an informational document on this game (for fun as well, i'm such a nerd). but anyway, i felt like i had to put this SOMEWHERE and i don...
The Three 'E's Adventures ; ThE TriplE ThrEat by Diminshee
The Three 'E's Adventures ; ThE ᴍs. ʟᴏᴠᴇʟʏ ♡
There was once 3 lost idiots whom found eachother and became best pals. but they were suddenly cursed and blessed with Powers, and now they are known as Time travelers...
-• The Mimic •- by BlueGuyD
-• The Mimic •-by BoLue •
This Story is by the game called "The Mimic" From roblox and this story is gonna be nsf- JUST KIDDING YOU THOUGHT, This is gonna a story about the actual game...