Chapter 11: Torikku.

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A vast sea lay ahead of the girl. She stood there watching the waves move in motion below her as she stared at the reflection of her mirrored image. She stared at the image of her dark hair flowing as the wind blew against her face. She hated the image of her face. She disliked her naturally dark eyes and how furrowed her eyebrows were. It made sense, though. She always had temper issues after all. She would never go down without a fight when it came to defending herself. She sat down on the cliff with her feet dangling below her while she kept staring at the ocean. She took off her black and orange track coat. She used her coat to clean the fresh blood from her sword. She then hung her coat to dry as she slept on the soft tall grass.

Her vision was black and then a variety of colors came across her eyesight as she began to see her memories. She saw the luxurious trees still full of color as it snowed. She was running on the track field at her high school yet again. As she had typically done. Her classmates smiled while watching her run the winter marathon against other contestants. The finish ribbon was just within her grasp as she fell. She fell hard as the ground began shaking. The earth swallowed her up, engulfing her in the fiery pits of hell. The girl woke up with her heart racing as she gasped for air. Her lungs felt like someone pierced them with a knife. She writhed on the ground before falling off the cliff alongside her sword and coat. She let out a blood curdling scream that no one could hear from above nor below. AHHHHH She crashed into the ocean only to be knocked out.

She woke up on a shore full of forest trees and a cave far in the distance. Her entire body ached from head to toe. She slowly rose up, sword and coat in hand. She wrapped her coat around her waist while getting into position with her sword. She searched the entire village, looking for any clue to where she perhaps was. Sweating, she made her way towards a bridge that crossed over a tiny river flowing from a waterfall. Glancing into the cave was the first mistake she had made. The sakura tree growing from the middle of it all caught her attention. She cautiously walked up to it when she noticed four statues around the tree. The first was black with the word "CONTROL." on it. The next was red with the word "JEALOUSY." written on it. The third was grey with the phrase "RAGE." on it. The final caught her curiosity the most. "REBIRTH" it said as it stood white as snow. She had wondered what these statues meant before walking up to the tree. There was a paper on it. "Place the scrolls from the flesh bags onto these statues and you will be granted the answers to your questions," read the girl to herself. She suddenly heard the echoes of screams closely. She saw four monsters within her sight.

Each monster wore a mask with different scrolls in their mouths. They had arms and legs bursting through every corner of their body. They sounded as if they were animals locked in a cage, which purely traumatized the girl to her very core. How could such hideous monsters exist...? Asked the girl to herself while she raised her blade in hand. She chased after every monster and obtained every scroll. She heard a door opening in the distance as she made her way towards it. The door had the shape of an eye with a red glow. Touching it granted her access to the next area. She took one step as she fell. She slid all the way down the green hill until she bumped into a house of offering. 

The girl awoke in a state of shock. She was surrounded by filthy mud that stained her clothes. She groaned as she kept slipping to get up. She crouched at the sound of a low cracking growl she could hear closely. Covering her mouth, she stepped into a bush so she could get a closer look at what was making the sound. So.. there's a tall angular woman... and a slug? No, no. That's not a slug. What IS that disgusting thing? She thought to herself while attempting to keep from vomiting. The thing she saw looked like it had the body of a turd. The thought of it made her feel uneasy. She had gotten past the monstrosity only to come across a tall figure. She could hear the cries coming from the souls it possessed. One was a young girl. The figure screamed as the woman fainted.

She awoke on top of a bush. Steadily, she jumped off of the bush while landing on her feet. She analyzed her surroundings but couldn't help to wonder, Where am I? The woman thought. She felt a slight tug near her leg. She looked down to see that she was wearing a vivid black dress and carrying a basket full of berries. "This isn't my body?" asked the woman questionably. An old woman croaked next to her, "Young lady, what do you mean by that? Such a silly girl. Fetch some more berries dear." Um, what? Thought the woman. What the hell does she mean "fetch some more berries"? I'm a grown woman! She can't order me around. Oh, wait.... I'm guessing whoever I am right now is not an adult? This is so confusing! Regardless of what she thought, she went into the forest to get more berries under the old lady's commands. So that old hag might be this girl's grandmother right? If that's correct then maybe we're getting berries for our family. Man, I haven't done this for years. She thought those very words as she laughed her anger off.

She found a bush containing berries where she angrily plucked them one by one. Jeez, my entire life everyone has to order me to do this and do that. I can only imagine what this girl went through. Ugh, is this damn basket even full yet? I want to go back to my OWN body. She paused as she started to notice that the bush had a glowing green remnant. The berries she was picking were pitch black. She grabbed the final berry without thinking and ate it. The girl's body started to have a seizure as she withered on the grassy ground. What did she just do to herself? I have no control of her.. The girl died and the woman regained consciousness. "What the...." the woman said as she looked at the tall figure. "I guess not everyone has a happy life after all," growned the woman. She grabbed her sword. She ran up to the figure, piercing right through it's ribcage. The monster fell apart. Feeling successful, she moved on to figure out the piece of the puzzle. She found two other swords, one blessed while the other was corrupted.

She offered the swords only to notice that she had to slide down yet another hill. "Damn, I really can't get a break in this place full of garbage", she said out loud angrily. She slid down the hill as she remembered her younger cousin. She used to take care of him, even though he would upset her easily. She wondered if he was safer than she was at this point. She was quite surprised she didn't end up as monster food. I mean, my anger has helped me through this quite much. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to murder those monsters. I don't care if they were human once, but I'm hoping that freed their idiotic souls. She angrily stomped her way towards a town full of nothing but empty houses and a few puzzles. All she could think of was what monsters lived there, yet they came quicker than she could finish the thought. They were both huge with different features. One appeared normal, humming a constant tune like a mother would. The other was a complete clown laughing her way throughout the deserted town.

The woman was terrified for her life. They were more than just regular twins. They were faster than she could run. She couldn't even get a single break to catch her breath. "What kind of actual monsters are you guys!? I CAN'T EVEN GET A SINGLE BREATH WITHOUT YOU ALWAYS NEAR ME. CAN YOU JUST GO AWAY FOR A FEW SECONDS? I'M TRYING TO LIVE HERE!" the woman screamed angrily as she said a few curses at the monsters. She gained her full breath as she prepared herself. She was near a cave, but what was she supposed to do with it? She looked at the monsters running outside as she stood there unnoticed. Oh! They have butterflies in their hands.. If I can just grab them maybe I could burn them in those firepits and get the hell out of here. Well, this is hell but still. Time to go out with my plan. The woman cautiously got the butterflies from both monsters and burned them without a single sweat. She was finally able to get through the cave just to see the normal monster hung up on a tree. Above the string was a laughing figure she knew no other than to be CONTROL. "Are you f-"


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