Chapter 4: Normal

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Futaomote wasn't the best mother, but she always tried her hardest. Although, she suffered miserably from a mental disorder. However, she didn't know the people around her suffered as well. Due to this, the village decided to shun her from everyone else. Futaomote was so beautiful when she was younger, but she somehow ended up twisted. She was someone different from who they once knew. Rumors were even spread around the village about Futaomote. Some saying that her husband left her, so she became a complete disaster. Others saying that she probably got hurt by her husband, so she had no choice but to kill him. Rumor after rumor was spread. Soon enough the village had good enough reasons to shun Futaomote from them. They considered her a threat, a danger to everyone. Although, the one thing they didn't know... was that she had a daughter she hid from the dangers. Her beautiful precious daughter, Hiachi. 

Futaomote only had her daughter, and her daughter only had her.

While on her trip to the forest, she found a doll in an abandoned cabin underneath beautiful Sakura trees. They were painted in pink and red. Futaomote smiled and took the doll back home with her to give to her daughter as a gift. She went deeper into the forest to grab some berries. Satisfied, she took her full basket of berries back home with her. When Futaomote opened the door, her little daughter Hiachi greeted her with a warm smile. "Mama is back! Mama is back!" exclaimed Hiachi in excitement. Futaomote picked Hiachi up and said, "Yes sweetie, Mama is back from getting berries for you. I also got a little gift for you too!" Hiachi giggled as Futaomote set her down.

Futaomote reached into her basket and pulled out a beautiful porcelain doll. Her skin was fairly pale, her hair was black as a gem. Hiachi danced around with her new doll. Futaomote slightly grinned while asking, "What are you going to name her?" Hiachi looked around her house while thinking to herself. She picked her nails nervously while thinking of a name for her doll. Futaomote frowned while thinking as well. She gazed at Hiachi as she watched her thinking. Hiachi mumbled too low for Futaomote to hear. "What was that dear?" asked Futaomote while she set the basket of berries on the table. Hiachi repeated herself, "Can her name be Shaku..?" Futaomote froze. She stared in the mirror at herself, seeing the opposite side of herself. A side that only her daughter knew of but couldn't understand. While Futaomote angrily smashed the mirror, Hiachi cowered. She tightly hugged her precious doll, Shaku. Futaomote kept hitting the mirror over and over. "I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!" screamed Futaomote. After a while, the mirror was fully broken piece by piece she finally turned back to normal. She looked around to see her daughter in the corner of the room crying. Futaomote ran to her daughter, Hiachi, hugging her. The mother, along with her daughter, cried in the corner of their house. Alone as they always had been. Yet neither of them lnew the chaos coming upon them. 

It was the next week, Futaomote needed to get more berries from the forest. She made sure Hiachi was safe at home before wondering back into the forest yet again. She was almost to her destination when she was suddenly stopped by a tall black figure. Futaomote looked up at the figure while confusingly asking, "How can I help you ma'am?" The black figure stared down at her. Futaomote could feel something wrong, but she couldn't decide what was so wrong talking to this person. "Well, if you aren't going to reply to me then I'd best be on my way." said Futaomote as she walked further a bit before the figure stopped her again. 

Finally, the black figure spoke, "What's something you wish for? You are very beautiful and yet you seem so sad." Futaomote started shaking a lot. She fell to the ground while punching it violently. She ripped grass from the ground piece by piece. After a while, she returned back to normal. The black figure staring at her with entertaining eyes said, "My my, what an episode that was. Now, please answer this question. What is something that you wish for?" "I wish to be normal!," said Futaomote while she cried her heart out, "I want to be normal so my daughter can have a normal life.. she constantly gets bullied by the village children for being abnormal like me.. I'm just tired of being shunned for who I have become... I wish to be normal, but no one will help me..." The black figure frowned in reply, "I see. Well I have an offer for you. If you eat this butterfly, I guarantee that you will become normal once and for all. You and your daughter will be apart of a normal family again." Futaomote gazed at the butterfly in the black figure's hand. It was glowing green. She was amazed at how beautiful the butterfly looked. Yet, she still questioned if she should actually even trust this figure. It was pretty suspicious after all. With no choice left, she took the butterfly and ate it. The black figure disappeared with a faint laughter being heard as Futaomote fell to the ground while her vision blurred. She reached into the empty air calling for her daughter. "Hiachi... my precious daughter... I will become normal for you.. so I can see you smile forever..." said Futaomote. The last thing she could see, was her daughter in the distance, smiling while playing happily in a garden. Then, her vision went black. 

End of Chapter 4.

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