Chapter 9: Seinaru

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A long time ago, there lived a samurai. He was well-trusted and loved by many all over ancient Japan. He would fight off rebellious evil entities with his blessed sword. He even had a wife and daughter that he loved dearly. He spent most of his time with his family, the ones he truly cherished the most. He took well care of his family throughout his life. He always put them before himself. He would help his wife to clean the house or take care of their daughter. He would play dolls with his little girl for hours at a time. He even brushed her soft hair while styling it. He lived a happy life with his family. That was until one day.

Darkness corrupted the sky while the earth shook. Kusonoki could sense something bad approaching. He immediately grabbed his blessed blade, put on his armor, and went to his daughter's room. "My sweet dandelion, I have to go on a mission. It's very dangerous.. I'm not so sure if I'll be able to come back. You know I love you and your mother dearly. Promise me something please?" The little girl nodded while trying not to cry. Her father was leaving again. She never liked it when he left on missions because she would miss his warm hugs. "If I am not back by dawn please don't ever go into the forest and become her pawn. I love you a lot -----, stay safe until I am back." said Kusonoki as he patted her head. He ran out the door towards the cave. He sensed four demonic entities, well, beasts. One had the scent consisting of powerful control, another the power of jealousy, a third one with the power of rebirth, and the final one with the power of pure rage. All of these beasts, he could tell, were very powerful. Far more powerful than any vulnerable human.

He decided to pay a visit to the Evil God reigning Jigoku. He ran to the entity Aka Manto. Aka smiled sinisterly while asking, "What color would you prefer?" Kusonoki whispered, "Green." Aka Manto bowed as he opened the gate to Jigoku. Kusonoki walked in, admiring the dark vast land. He ran immediately to the throne where the Evil deity sat. He kneeled before the deity asking, "May I please have the power to seal these four beasts to prevent devastation from arising?" Evil god looked down on Kusonoki while replying, "Pitiful. A mere human like you can't stop terror from harming vulnerable people? And here I thought you were the all "powerful" exorcist. Rather, you're weak huh? What a shame. Here have the power you wish for but there'll be a price to pay for later." Kusonoki was struck with the evil god's rod. He fell to the ground writhing in pain. He outlasted the pain as he stood up, sword in hand. He ran out of Jigoku and headed towards the vast cave. 

The oceans burned as Kusonoki fought the beasts with his back unturned. For days he fought the beasts one by one. Each of them being casted off and sealed into a far away place. He made sure they were far away from his family, and other potential victims. Until he reached the last beast. Kintoru. The puppeteer who smiled with an eerily creepiness. She opened her hands to reveal Kusonoki's daughter. Kusonoki dropped his blessed blade as he stood there in shock. She had a hold of his only daughter. "If you do this, your daughter will be mine. Come with me and she will be free." said Kintoru as she snickered. Kusonoki grew with a sickening rage. "I'll be damned if I seal you with me but you will never get control of my daughter! She was born a fighter and she will remain living as long as you are sealed." he screamed as he drew his sword through Kintoru, sealing her into Japan. He took her down with him, not knowing that he would soon be within control of Kintoru. 

He withdrew his sword as Kintoru lay on the sakura tree that bore her seal. He ran out of breath as he kneeled onto the ground, dropping his sword from within his hand. He panted while Kintoru slowly rose up. A long line of web came from the claws on her hand. She picked up Kusonoki, hung him onto the string, and put him up as the first addition to her collection. A tear came from his eye as he lay there in the air. Longing to see his family once again, as he didn't get the chance to say a proper goodbye. His body limped as he saw the butterfly within him flutter into the moonlight above. 

"How boring." said a deep voice as it stared at Kusonoki through the glass orb.

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