Chapter 3: Akuyami

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The village of Akuyami was once a very splendid village. Akuyami was quite famous for their vast gardens. The most famous garden was the garden of Tulips. There once was a chief named Kaeda Akiko. She tended to the village gardens everyday, making sure the plants were well taken cared of. She always took care of the village and the gardens. Well, she seemed to.

Little did the villagers know the chaos that awaited them.

One day a little boy in the village was playing with his toy Tokito. Tokito was his most favorite wooden toy to play with. He ran into the garden of Tulips with his friend Tokito. No one was around to see, nor hear what had happened to poor little Tokito.

Everyone heard screams come from the little boys father. He was devastated and couldn't seem to find his dear little boy. The boy fell into the witches grasp, no one knew how. The entire village looked everywhere in search for the little boy. However, they couldn't find him. His father, crying, said, "My little boy... I remember he had a favorite garden... which one was it..?" His eyes became wide with shock. He ran towards the garden of Tulips, everyone in the village following him. He ran and ran through the tall grass and Tulips. Finally, they all came upon Tokito. The little boy's treasured wooden doll. The father cried and cried while holding the wooden doll.

The villagers went on a search for Kaeda, for they blamed her as the reason the little boy was gone astray. They searched and searched for the tall woman in all black. They couldn't find Kaeda anywhere. Suddenly, they heard a laugh from up above. They all looked up to see Kaeda looking down on them, laughing in mockery. "You all agreed to live in this village, did you not? You even said that you'd remain here no matter what happens" said Kaeda with a twisted tone while looking down upon the village, "And yet... you're wanting to blame me for something that happened in your own hands. You see, would that little boy have gotten.. lost, if his family paid attention to him? He wouldn't have. However, his parents prove just how selfish human kind can be. It is a shame really. You all don't realize your mistakes, so you blame someone above you. A real pity." Kaeda smiled at the villagers as they fell, coughing. The last thing they saw was Kaeda before their vision turned black. For what they once knew Kaeda to be, was simply a mimic of their old village chief.

The village that was once special for their gardens, crumbled into the hands of Kintoru.

End of the story of Village Akuyami

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