Glossary II · 12-25

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Continuing from the previous page, this is Glossary II (Chapters 12 to 25 and Epilogue).


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Ninjutsu: In Japanese, ninjutsu (忍術) or ninpō (忍法) means the tactics of guerrilla warfare and espionage practiced by ninja. In the anime Naruto, the word refers to the mystical arts ninja use in battle that are heavy on fantasy.

Genjutsu: In Naruto, the word genjutsu (幻術) refers to a way of fighting that psychologically manipulates opponents. The word means "illusory techniques".

L Lawliet: In the anime Death Note, L Lawliet is a quirky detective who takes on the challenge of catching Kira, the story's protagonist and villain.

Papa papaya: An excerpt from the lyrics of Pa Pa Ya!!, which is a song by the Japanese heavy metal band Babymetal.

Babymetal: A kawaii, heavy metal band in Japan.

Google: A technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products. The Google in this universe works the same as ours.

Den Den: The snail with a chipped shell that Evanna rescues from the garden and keeps in her terrarium. This snail is named after Den Den Mushi snails from the anime One Piece.

Gangnam Style: A K-pop song by South Korean singer Psy.



Unnie: A word popularized by K-dramas. It means "older sister" in Korean (언니). It's used by females to address older females.

Tofu in my mouth: The Tofu Song is sung by the vegetarian character Beast Boy in the cartoon Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go!: A cartoon based off of the Teen Titans, a DC Comics superhero team.

Shoot some electrons through a double slit: An excerpt from Thru a Double Slit, a hip hop track in the episode "Quantum Fun" of Teen Titans Go!

Accelerator operator: Someone who supervises or operates complex particle accelerator devices and associated equipment. They also record and analyze experimental data.

Bubbly: A juice bar located near Olympus in a pedestrian precinct of Komoreby.

Science Day: Annual school festival celebrating science, tech and environmentalism. It's a public event organized by the Science Society of Komoreby High, in collaboration with other schools in the city. This is inspired by a similar festival organized by schools in Kandy, in collaboration with the Youth Exploration Society of Sri Lanka.

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