Chapter 3

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Sans POV

So the human has finally fallen. I can tell due to papy fidgeting and his shifting, when i finally met him on his sentry post near the ruins as he kept on saying puns and the damn lamp. In which in my point of view, I can clearly see the human which is by the way silly as the human was very clearly being nervous. So i have to at least act or pretend to be naïve or at least be near-sighted, which am good at so...

*Insert Dialogue like a boss and timeskip*

So here we are battling the human as i said my script, i went to attack them, we became friends help him with alphys... then they left? oh, wait they RESET.

i guess this is the genocide cause i met the human again this time they didn't hide they are just standing there also there are some monster dust on them. I said my script and ran off to the puzzles.

Once again they became even more genocidic(genocide-addictive).



So when... I tried to stop them.

do you hear that...

i stress in the word tried...

you wanna know why in the past 10 minutes when, after i've declared to stop them?



C'mon guess...


Error Happen...

He tried  to destroy my AU, but then realize i was too good to be an sans so i puppet me. Like his strings are wrap my souls and now controlling my body like a puppet.



I got kidnap..

Why can't my day get any worse?



Fresh sans is here



Author Note:

Shortest chapter i have ever made...

this is like a inner dialogue of bluebery.

kinda like deadpool.

Quite sorry am busy like badly when i wanted to just update a story.

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