💙Chapter 2💙

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<The Great power of Timeskip!!!>

<Sans POV>

Its been hectic lately, time goes by too quickly. Gaster fell from the void on accident from one of his machine, How it happen i would never know. Papyrus became a well-known sentry lazybones who drinks honey straight from the bottle. Undyne became a royal scientist. Alphys became the Head of the royal guard. Me on the other hand, is a well-known wanting to be a royal guard sort of trainee, that is hyperactive and most kindness monster in the whole underground, as well as a taco maker. Well that is my reputation that even my little brother paps believe in and almost likely everyone except grillby, queen toriel, and temmie treat me as a child. Which by the way annoyed me so greatly but ignore it and continue to act. Right now am having a tea with the queen at her throne room.

"Sans how are you"

"Am fine tori, just having a bit bone-tired from all the acting that i have to do on a daily basis"

Queen Toriel snorted a bit from my little joke, but otherwise was worried about my mental health.

"Are you sure that i can't tell your brother?" Toriel worriedly ask. I shook my head to a no with a small frown on my face.

"*sighs* alright sans I trust you more than anything, thanks for coming for having tea with me" Toriel smile at me, in which i smile back at her.

"OF COURSE THE MAGNIFICENT SANS IS ALWAYS THEIR TO HELP!" I gave her a huge grin towards her before teleporting to grillby's near an alleyway. Then walking towards grillby's store.

"hey grill, what's up" I gave a lazy grin when entering grillby's store, which lucky me no customers.

"oh sans your here, can you help me clean up the store?" grillby ask me.

"but of course i can anything to help a friend out" I started cleaning the tables and chair, when done i sat on a random chair and pick up the ketchup started chugging it straight down the bottle.

"so sans what are you doing in this time of day, also remember when you finish that bottle wash it up"

"I know, I know grillb's. Am only here to take a time out from my fake persona before going out do it" as I slowly relax in my position.

"*Sighs* Alright sans make sure you be careful, their might be other monsters that will try to take you down"

"Heh... Let them try! I'll beat their asses and send them back crying to their parents. After all am practically the most dangerous monster in the underground even if they don't know it." I send a cocky grin at grillby before started chugging a second ketchup bottle.

Grillby just sighs before started wiping the glass cup. Once I finish my bottle of ketchup, I quickly washed it and put it on a dry rack. Before heading towards the front.

"Bye grillb's" I wave my hand as at grillby.

"Bye sans, take care"


I started heading back home. When I went to the living room, I see papyrus laying their on the couch watching TV shows, before noticing that I have return.

'how unfair get to be lazy! As well as showing your true persona.... That's so unfair' I thought whining in my head. I have a huge fake grin in my face.

"Hey bro. What have you been up to lately? Haven't seen you since breakfast"


"Heh. Were you goating fun with the queen?"

"UGHHHHH! PAPYRUSSSSSS!!!! STOP MAKING PUNS!!!" I fake stomping for a moment.

"Sure thing bro. Just to remind you that you have trainning with alphys"

"AH! I FORGOT ABOUT THAT!! THANKS PAPS! ALSO STOP MAKING PUNS AND GET TO WORK YOU LAZYBONES!!!" I made a face of realization, before telling papyrus.

"Ok" I headed to my room and took my body armour before heading downstairs to the front door. I turn around and look at papyrus who is looking at me.

"MAKE SURE YOU GO TO YOUR POST PAPYRUS" I narrow my eyes in suspicion at papyrus who gave a lazy grin on his face.

"Ok" I once fake pout with narrow eye sockets at papyrus before heading  towards alphys.


Author Note: in the next chapter is where the human going to fall, because I love skipping. As well as I want error in the scene. The one where error kidnaps blue.

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