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<??? POV>

As I Woke up I knew something has happen to me, As I started to think what happened I notice that my body is a skeleton. As I check my body, it seems like a kid skeleton body was I in. I tried to check what happen or why my body is a skeleton, but an upside down light blue with a mixture of yellow heart pop out of my chest as well as a text box.

[Name: Sans ( Hidden Detail: Original UnderSwap)

Age: 7 (Hidden Detail: Unknown ( 70 maybe since skeleton grew slower)

HP: 20

ATK: 20 

DEF: 20

Title: ????(UnAuthorized)

*Is woken up but currently confused ]

well there's my answer it seems like am from underswap and a sans at that. As I silently thought on what to do next.

"---wahhh!" I heard a baby crying outside of the room am in which consist a baby blue color and the decorations of like of the original papyrus. As i silently got up and went outside of my room and follow  the baby cries in the other side of the room i was in. 

I went to the room it consists on the color baby orange, and a lot of baby toys. In the middle of the room is a crib where the baby cries sounded. 

As I went to the crib and took a peek in inside of the crib. Inside of the crib is a baby skeleton with orange tears leaking out, its still crying and when the baby open its eyes(it was close since it was crying) it suddenly stop crying and was immediately trying to reach me out.

I've felt my heart or in this case soul melt in the cuteness. As I pick the babybones to my own arms. It started to talk. "SNANS!!" it said. an imaginary arrow shot threw my soul. IT WAS TOO CUTE!! I guess this is papyrus and HE'S ADORABLE can't believe that he is my baby brother now!!! 

 IT WAS TOO CUTE!! I guess this is papyrus and HE'S ADORABLE can't believe that he is my baby brother now!!! 

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Did I hijack sans body? w(゚Д゚)w

OH no!!


Just when I internally panic a sudden pain came to me. I gently put the baby papyrus back to the crib before another pain came as I hold my head(or in this case skull). Then I remember how I got here...

It seems like I was a Prodigy  in Medical and Engineering Scientist, also loves tacos. That I seem to save a lot of lives from my technology and medicine that I've develop. It seems like a bunch of Jealous and Envious people try to take my original development and take credit to themselves but entirely fail.

Even my own family tried to take the money and fame I develop by trying to frame or kill me, But they ultimately fail. I adopt a nice kid, as I grew older to take over my development. They succeed in me and became even more fame and money. 

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