chapter two|once here, next gone

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Evy's POV

"That'll be $3.99," I sigh, my voice leaking with utter boredom.

Mr. Parker hands over a bill and casts a disapproving look my way as he heads out the cafe. I close my eyes and internally groan. No tip. I really needed to get myself out of this funk and start focusing.

"Third customer you've driven out today with that sour look," Oliver comments beside me. "Might have to take you off finally."

His grin was wider than a Cheshire's cat and I felt nothing more than wanting to smack it off his face. "I'm sure you'd love that," I mumble dryly, cleaning the counter where the juice had spilled moments ago.

Another reason why the old man didn't leave me a tip—I completely messed up his order and spilled his drink on the counter as well as his crisp white shirt.

Today was not a good day for me.

"Obviously, then I'd get your tips," he shrugs, flipping the towel over his shoulder. His dirty blonde hair twitched under the slight breeze from the open door, making him look annoyingly handsome. It really wasn't fair for someone to look hot yet have the ego the size of Neptune.

"It's fine, I just need a minute to cool down," I breath deeply, shaking my arms and legs a bit. Oliver watched me with amused eyes, snickering as I looked like I was doing some sort of tap dance.

His eyes flit over behind me and I follow his gaze to see a boy our age walk in, sunglasses perched on his face and a baseball hat covering his hair.

"Now's your chance, Cove," he pushes me forward lightly. "And for the love of god, don't chase him away."

I glare right back at him and stagger forward towards the stranger.

"Welcome to the Juicy-Fruity, what can I get for you today?" A forced smile pushes its way through my clenched teeth but I feel Oliver watching me. No way would I let myself fail yet another customer right in front of him.

"A juice," the stranger looks down at his phone. This was the moment where the down music would be cued. Oliver snorts from the corner and I swallow the urge to slap the boy.

No shit, this was a juice shop.

"What type?" I ask, gritting my teeth. "We have a variety of selections up on the board."

The boy finally lifts his face and I let my eyes wander over the sharp jawline of his, covered with smooth skin. The black sunglasses covered his eyes but I could only imagine they looked better than mine. My eyes were an odd light blue yet greyish colour, making it seem almost white. It was quite creepy if I do say so myself.

"The Mango...Miraculous?" His eyebrows raise up at the ridiculous name Oliver had chosen.

"Small, medium, or large?" I ask, typing it into the screen.

"Medium," he replies, reaching into his pocket and grabbing out a five dollar bill. I glance over my shoulder to Oliver, asking with my eyes if he could make the smoothie. His unhelpful ass just shakes his head no and I resist the urge to flip him off.

"Coming right up," I say with a sweet smile still plastered. If it wasn't my reluctant steps to the back, it should've been my stooped shoulders that showed my downright pitiful mood.

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