chapter four|drunken walks

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This is probably one of my favourite chapters in the whole book so enjoy ;)

Evy's POV

To say Olivia and I were drunk was the understatement of the year. In fact, I think that based on the amount we had drunk tonight, it'd be a miracle if I didn't kill myself instead of facing the bitch of hangover to come the next morning.

But we didn't stop there.

No, instead we kept pushing ourselves until where Olivia must've been dancing drunk on the table and my body was grinding down on Eli's impressive body.

Yes, that's right. Grinding. And definitely not the innocent type.

I'm too drunk to remember how we got here but I didn't care in the slightest when the beat changed and his hands slid over my waist to secure me from falling over. 

We must've been dancing forever if the pain in my legs was any indication. I was almost ready to topple over but I didn't want to give up the chance of dancing with Eli. Besides being an electrifying kisser, his dancing was even more impressive to keep a girl on her toes. 

My eyes caught Cam from across the floor, who was completely engrossed in Mariana. I had to admit, a small insecurity crept in when I saw the way her flawless body danced perfectly to the music. For the third time in one hour, I forced myself to push down the queasy feeling in my stomach that had been arising every second. I couldn't pinpoint whether it was from those two or the seven shots I downed right before. 

Frustrated, I willed myself to look away. I wasn't really one to be insecure, especially not over a boy. Even when I found out Easton cheated on me, not for a second did I let myself think it was because there was something wrong with me.

I glanced up and caught Eli's gleaming eye as he grins at me and tugs my body closer to his. I could feel his hard muscles against mine the entire time we were dancing and I was still in a slight daze from how defined they looked. 

"Having fun there?" I look up to see Eli's lips quirked in amusement. His eyes cast downward and I follow his gaze until I realize that I had been practically feeling him up.

Now, if sober me had been caught doing this, she would've run away instantly with her cheeks red in embarrassment. But, lucky for me I wasn't sober. 

"You have a nice body," I murmured, keeping my hand on his hard chest. 

"Do I now?" Eli says and I could hear the laughter coming. 

"Yes, very nice," I grin up at him. 

Something changes in that instant that I hadn't felt, even while we had been dirty dancing. Like an electric shock buzzed up to my body and I suddenly wanted him closer than ever. 

I was starting to feel bolder than ever and it made me feel good, almost...empowered. 

"How about we go take this somewhere else?" I whisper in his ear, aware he might not have even heard me over the booming music. But, when I feel his body twitch under my hands, I let a victorious smirk take over my face. 

"Y-yeah, sure I'd love to," he stutters out and lets me slip his hand into mine. 

Grinning, I lead him to an empty bedroom upstairs, doing a quick check of the room to assure my paranoid self that there weren't any cameras hidden. Just as I was about to ask Eli if this was okay, his body lurched forward and his eyes widened. 

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