chapter one|birthday blues

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Evy's POV

I was officially going crazy.

Could I really do this?

Probably not.

"It'll only be one dinner," Easton reasons, unable to hide the pleading note in his voice. His cuffed shirt skimmed across my leg and I could tell by his obvious attempt that he was trying to loosen me up to the idea.

If I hadn't been stubborn about not going, I would've even given into the guilty pleasure that he made to seem so desirable. But, holding true to my word, I backed his hand away and narrowed my eyes at him.

There was no point in him even trying to get me to go to his parents. We both knew their strong dislike for me and I didn't feel like wasting my night being sent judgemental looks from his mom or cold gestures from his dad.

They had made it abundantly clear at many gatherings that they didn't appreciate their rich, millionaire going-on son dating a girl that they saw well below his worth. It stung but at least I didn't have to keep working to make them like me.

"You know they wouldn't like me there," I say with a disapproving look. "They never have wanted me at these events and it'll just make tonight more awkward then it should be. Don't ruin your chance just for me."

Hurt hits my stomach when Easton gives me a countering look before sighing and nodding his head in defeat. In all truth, I was a little disappointed that he hadn't pushed me further. It would've been somewhat nice to think that he really did want me to come, rather than just asking out of simple courtesy.

I shouldn't have been surprised by his easy look into giving up, though, considering that most times it felt like even he seemed to be embarrassed by bringing me around all his dad's rich colleagues or mom's luxury-living best friends.

Maybe he was starting to believe his parents' words about how I wasn't fit to be in a relationship with him. I sure hoped not since he had promised me that they wouldn't get between us again.

"Okay, well if you change your mind then don't hesitate to call me." He squeezes my hand tightly with a sympathetic look. Yeah, I definitely wouldn't be changing my mind.

"For sure," I smile softly. Easton returns one of his own, except it didn't quite reach his eyes. With a quick kiss on my forehead, Easton walks out the door faster than he came.

"Love you," he calls back.

"Love you too," I mumble, hugging my coffee closer to my chest.

As soon as the door shuts, I blow out a breath of relief and let my tired body sag against the couch.

It was the day of my birthday and I had to admit, I was a little surprised that Easton's parents had held this dinner tonight, knowing well that I wouldn't have wanted to come. It was low of them to do, and I couldn't believe I had fooled myself into thinking that our relationship had somewhat gotten better.

Their invitation was reluctant and I had the sneaking suspicion that they were trying to pry Easton away from me tonight, but I didn't tell him that. That boy adored his parents and held them on a high pedestal where they could do no wrong in his eyes.

If only he knew how blatantly wrong he was.

After all, he always said that he owed his parents for everything. Becoming a worldwide singer wasn't easy and with the proper ties his parents had in the music industry, it was no secret that he had always been grateful to them for that.

I just wish he could knock some sense into them for ruining our relationship last time. It was a big chance I had taken to get back together with him again and now with this dinner, it was apparent that he was going back on all those promises he had made.

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