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// homophobia, mental health issues; mention of porn, sex

Seungmin considered Jeongin's master plan to convince his parents that he was one hundo percent heterosexual.

He decided to not tell Hyunjin about the plan because he still couldn't work up the nerve to talk to him. He felt awkward from crying in front of him in a club bathroom, and on top of that, was feeling insecure after meeting Hyunjin's ex-one-night stands at the club.

Seungmin could barely admit to himself that he'd had a mental breakdown that weekend after going to the club. He purposely used his fake account to find the bouncer's social media as to not worry about accidental likes. He scrolled through all his posts and comments, despairing at how much hotter he was, silently cursing the user johnnyjsuh.

He'd sat slumped on his bed, letting himself wallow in his feelings. He still felt less than after meeting his boyfriend's ex.

He still wanted to make Hyunjin jealous.

So after that gloomy weekend, after he left the bathroom with Jisung and Felix, Seungmin decided to say, "Hey, by the way, don't tell Hyunjin about the plan. I'll tell him myself," he added, so as to not seem suspicious or to raise the idea that he was lying.

"Oh good!" Jisung exclaimed. "He's really missed you."


Back at Jisung's house afterschool, the twins tried to brainstorm people to ask to be Seungmin's fake girlfriend. They had plenty of girl friends that they could ask, and would probably be willing to help save Seungmin from his homophobic parents. But they didn't want to just find a random girl. They wanted it to be someone that they knew for sure that Seungmin would be the most comfortable with, being in this strange situation.

"Hey, isn't Seungmin friends with Changbin?" Felix asked, referring to his older boyfriend.

"Yeah, they seemed close at the hangout. Why?"

Felix draped himself over the couch, his sweaty skin sticking to the faux leather. "We should ask Binnie if he knows someone who went to this school so that there's a greater chance that they know each other."

The squirrel-like boy looked up from his spot on the floor to look at his twin. "I know that we decided it would be better if Seungmin knew her, but couldn't that just make it awkward?"

"Well, I thought it would look more realistic than kissing a stranger. Like it would be easier to pretend that they were dating."

Jisung hummed as he scooted by the floor vent to feel the cold air rushing out. "Hmm, that sounds alright." It was almost a guarantee that Changbin would know the perfect person as Seoul University was a very popular school for students from their high school to go to.

Felix rolled himself off the couch and onto the floor, crashing into Jisung with a cry. He got up quickly to hide his flustered state, before scrambling for his phone as the other watched. 

"Hey, Binnie? I have a favor to ask."

They stayed on the line for a while that afternoon. After Changbin's pouting that Felix wasn't calling to come over and cuddle, he got down to business, discussing logistics and messaging people right away.

After a couple of minutes of waiting, they got their response. "She said yes!" Changbin exclaimed, and they all broke into cheers. Changbin looked more than happy, very amused by his choice of fake girlfriend.

"Why are you giggling?" Felix asked.

"I'm not," Changbin giggled.

Felix shook his head at his boyfriend's strange behavior, and just promised to hang out with him after their plan with Seungmin's fake girlfriend was executed.

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