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// food, alcohol, homophobia, mention of sex

Hyunjin and Seungmin went to the empty elementary school park afterward, sitting on the swings like oversized toddlers.

As much as they wanted to just kiss each other, they thought it was important that they talked and caught up on what had happened. Most of it had to do with them being miserable about their misunderstandings and their mind being clouded with confusion and hurt for the last few days. But there were other occurrences in their classes and with their friends and family that they talked about as well.

After a while, Hyunjin got up and pushed Seungmin on his swing, making him giggle as he went higher.

A minute later, Seungmin let out a strangled cry. "Too high!" he called, and dragged his feet into the ground. Hyunjin stepped back as woodchips flew and his boyfriend came to a stop, and then approached the younger again. 

They both moved to sit next to each other underneath a play structure, twisting metal and slides sheltering them in their cove. 

"Hey when we're done here, do you want to come over? My parents will be home for a bit before they leave for their date, so you can meet them."

Hyunjin was excited. He had a pretty open relationship with his parents. He, like a lot of other teenagers, didn't go into details about having sex or drinking alcohol. But they trusted him and he felt like he could talk to them if he did ever feel overwhelmed. until he had gotten wind of Seungmin's relationship with his parents, it was support that he had taken for granted. He had his fair share of fights and resentment with them, but they always made up, and he loved them very much.

Seungmin paused. He didn't exactly have a problem with meeting Hyunjin's parents. But he knew he couldn't return the same. Because he'd never had a good relationship with his parents, he never bothered introducing anyone he was interested in to them. He didn't feel the need or want to tell them anything about his life and didn't think he would maintain a relationship with them when he was older.

It would've been so awkward if he just one day decided to open up. And he knew he couldn't deal with getting yelled at and facing judgment for every one of his life decisions.

Seungmin looked up. "I don't know what your expectations are, and I don't want to disappoint you. I'm never going to be able to introduce you to my parents. I'm okay meeting your family, but I don't know if you imagined, like, meeting your new in-laws and extended family."

Hyunjin's eyes widened at the implied message. In-laws? What, are we going to get married?

But Seungmin hadn't even realized what he'd said. 

"So when are you going to propose?" Hyunjin asked.

Seungmin's eyes widened in the same manner. "What are you talking about?"

"You said I wasn't going to meet my in-laws?"

Seungmin could feel his heart pounding as he realized his slip-up. He mouthed wordlessly as he gaped at Hyunjin, trying to explain himself.

The older boy laughed, though his heart had jumped. It had always been more of Hyunjin pursuing Seungmin in their relationship, and he felt relieved to know that his boyfriend was invested as well. "It's cute that you're thinking so far ahead," he teased, pinching the puppy-like boy's cheeks.

Seungmin buried his face in his hands. "Oh my god, I can't believe I said that."

Hyunjin cooed at his embarrassment and popped kisses on the top of his head. "My baby's so cute." But then his mind got back on track and got serious. "I don't mind not knowing your parents. Like I may have to step back if they get all homophobic and toxic and drag down my mental health. But I just want you."

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