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Hyunjin kicked his feet up on his desk and leaned his head back in a tired groan, his shoulder-length blonde hair falling out of his face. He was in his high school human anatomy class, waiting to see the partner assignments for a major project, and couldn't care any less.

"Hyunjin! Sit back down!" his teacher barked.

"Sorry, sorry," he responded lazily, righting himself. "It's the senioritis."

Jisung slapped his shoulder and Hyunjin dramatically cringed. "We're barely into the school year, the fuck do you mean?"

"Language, Han Jisung! Now, class, in a moment I will ask you to look at the board for your partners. You will find them right now and will be sitting next to them for the rest of the quarter."

Hyunjin and Jisung sadly said their goodbyes, already knowing that their teacher would never put them together, given all their antics in just the past week.

The projector blinked on, and everyone craned their necks, searching for their names.

Jisung whooped. He patted Hyunjin on the back and went to sit with Felix, their other close friend.

Hyunjin continued to search for his name and found it in the back corner where he was currently sitting. The name next to him was Kim Seungmin.

Huh. Hyunjin knew him, of course, just like he knew everyone in his grade who he'd gone to school with for years but never spoken to. He knew Seungmin as the diligent, and honestly, nerdy student. But that was perfectly fine for a project.

As he was already seated where he was supposed to be, he watched Seungmin walk up to him with a quick smile and slide into the seat next to him. He looked very put together with his neat black hair, clear skin, and cute outfit.

They set up a document on their laptops and began working. The time till dismissal ticked by as they researched. It wasn't too bad, but Hyunjin was itching for a break and was grateful when Seungmin left to go to the bathroom.

Hyunjin surreptitiously went on his phone under the table, checking crap in his DMs and in group chats. He quickly got through all of them, and settled back, bored again.

Seungmin's brightly lit phone on the table next to him couldn't help but draw Hyunjin's attention, left open. As the screen darkened, threatening to lock, he impulsively tapped on it, keeping it open.

He glanced up at the door, but Seungmin had only left a minute ago. He slowly pulled the phone towards him, and tapped through his camera roll. He didn't find much, just pictures of notes on the whiteboard or random food or him and his pet dogs.

Hyunjin glanced up at the teacher, waiting to be reprimanded. While doing so, he accidentally swiped down to the most commonly used apps on Seungmin's phone. He was about to go back to the camera roll, when he noticed something odd.

Why did Seungmin have OnlyFans?

He paused. Did the seemingly innocent Seungmin secretly have a freaky side? It's not like watching porn was uncommon, but Seungmin seemed so much like a virgin. He doubted whether the boy had ever even touched himself.

Not that Seungmin couldn't get laid if he wanted to. Considering that Hyunjin himself often looked twice when he passed Seungmin in the hallway, Seungmin's aura was very attractive, though the polar opposite to Hyunjin's in many ways.

Hyunjin never gave his slight attraction to Seungmin much thought though, and whenever he craved someone's lips on his, stuck to his random hookups. 

Hyunjin was still having a hard time picturing Seungmin feeling himself up, until he suddenly wasn't having a hard time. His face burned and his eyes watered as he tried to blink the unholy images out of his eyes. He quickly closed the apps and returned the phone to the desk, hoping no one noticed his stealthy behavior or flaming face.

Seungmin soon came back with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, his veiny hands exposed. Hyunjin didn't look up at his return, pretending to be enthralled in some boring report. Hyunjin was planning on taking this secret to the grave. He wasn't judging Seungmin, but he felt guilty for violating his privacy and didn't want to embarrass him.

He glanced over at Seungmin's face, studying him. He'd always thought that Seungmin looked so innocent. Always so perfect. Whenever Hyunjin looked at him in class, Seungmin was always focused on the lesson, nodding at the teacher's words, meticulously taking notes. What was this other side of him?

Seungmin saw him staring. "What is it?"

Hyunjin shook his head to clear it, quickly saying, "Sorry, just spaced out."

Seungmin gave him an odd look before going back to work, adding more details to his long list of bullet points.

"Alright class! The bell is going to ring in a couple of minutes. I would suggest you get your partner's contact information and then pack up!"

Everyone did not hesitate at the teacher's words and immediately began packing up their belongings, loud chatter filling the room and floating out the open door.

"Hey, give me your phone," Seungmin said, slinging his backpack over his shoulder.

Hyunjin opened up a blank contact and passed the phone to Seungmin. His stomach flipped as he watched Seungmin key in his phone number, even though he knew it was just for a project.

As Hyunjin took his phone back, he asked, "Cool, when should we meet up? I'm free today and tomorrow."

"Oh, I can't today, and not this weekend either," Seungmin said, not meeting his eyes.

Hyunjin, worn out from the long day, accidentally said something he would immediately regret.

"Why, busy on OnlyFans?" 

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