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Hyunjin was harangued by texts from Felix and Hyunjin in their group chat as soon as they all got home.

"What happened?" summed up most of the texts he received.

"It's too complicated to explain," Hyunjin responded.

"Are you both free to call?" Felix asked.

"Of course," Jisung responded, and started a video call.

Hyunjin sat down in the corner of his room by the window, hoping that he was tucked away far enough that his parents wouldn't hear their conversation. He hurried to connect his headphones to his phone, finally getting them in and hearing Felix and Jisung throwing out ideas on what had happened.

"What did you do to him?"

"Don't tell me you made a move on him."

"I'm sorry to say this, but he seems less down to fuck than you."

"They're both plenty fuckable, Hyunjin's just needier. And louder."

"Yeah, I bet he is," Jisung smirked.

Hyunjin had had enough. "Please stop!" he whisper-screamed.

The other two quickly quieted, recognizing that they'd gone too far.

"It's not about me," Hyunjin finally said, "It's just about Seungmin."

"Is that his name? Sounds familiar," Felix wondered. "I just know his face as the one who sits at the front of the room and always looks like he has his life together."

Jisung's eyes widened with a sudden realization. "Oh, Hyunjin, isn't he the guy you said you'd fuck around with if you could?"


"Yeah! It was at Mark's house party. I think you were too stoned at that point to remember though," he said, scratching his neck.

Hyunjin didn't respond, conveniently moving the camera so that it hid his face and whatever his expression would give away. He wasn't even consciously aware that he liked Seungmin. Did his subconscious reveal something when he was half-passed out? 

Felix squealed. "Does Hyunjin actually like someone? Maybe you'll actually turn your hookups into something more."

"I just met him!"

"But you've clearly liked him for a while."

"Hopefully you'll make things up and actually make a better impression," Jisung said. 

Hyunjin was about to deny that he wanted to talk to Seungmin when a smoke alarm interrupted their conversation. Felix shrieked again. "My brownies!" he cried, running to the oven. His phone clattered against the counter so that only a view of the ceiling lights was visible to the other two. Every few seconds a dish towel would snap into view as Felix vigorously fanned the smoke to clear the air.

"What kind of brownies are they?" Jisung asked hopefully.

"Just regular, you stoner."

"I just want chocolate!"

Felix came back into frame, smoke filling the air. "I'll bring you some tomorrow if they're not burnt. You too, Hyunjin. I should probably get going now," he sighed, looking at his overdone brownies.

They all said goodbye and ended the call.

Hyunjin sat slumped against the wall in his room, a position he stayed in for most of his weekend, secretly working on his photography and music projects, syncing the music he'd finished making to photos he'd edited to fit the aesthetics.

He really wanted to post everything he created but was afraid of being mocked for acting too cool in some songs and showing his soft side in others. He had considered posting them under a pseudonym, but was worried that the songs wouldn't get as much recognition, or would be stolen. While focusing on producing and mixing his tracks, he continued to brew on this dilemma.

Hyunjin actually worked on the anatomy project as well, researching the diseases and conditions he needed to cover. He normally worked harder on group projects than his own, not wanting others to suffer because of his slacking off. But this time, he was specifically working harder for Seungmin, not wanting to disappoint him.

Sunday afternoon, he forced himself to go outside, and went out jogging with Kkami at the trail by his house. The weather was refreshing, the sun dappling the path and just enough wind to keep the air fresh but not too cold. As he jogged, his mind, unoccupied by work, kept drifting off to thoughts of Seungmin. He knew that he didn't quite have a crush on Seungmin yet, but could tell that feelings for Seungmin were developing.

Seungmin, like Hyunjin, had a normal weekend. None of Seungmin's friends had been in anatomy class and witnessed him running away from Hyunjin, so spent the weekend working uninterrupted by anyone's concerns. It was almost entirely normal, except that thoughts of Hyunjin would not leave his head. Weirded out by his own thoughts, he forced them out of his mind and focused on work as usual.

However, an odd part of Seungmin's normal working habits included surreptitiously taking his phone with him when he went to take a shower. He went to his dresser drawer and took a bundle of clothes out, as well as the clothes that he would actually be wearing when he was finished.

Entering the bathroom, he locked the door and set down the two sets of clothes on one of the shelves in the closet. After pulling off all his clothes and dropping them in a pile on the floor, he reached into the first bundle of new clothes and pulled a dog collar. He quietly fastened it around his neck, with the speed that only practice could've brought.

His family did not have a pet dog, so it would be sure to raise alarm bells if his parents discovered a dog collar in his dresser drawer, which is why he kept it and it's jangling metal bell hidden and muffled. It wasn't as if they'd immediately jump to the conclusion that their son was a sexual deviant, but they'd know that he was doing something strange. Seungmin didn't need his parents to know about his kinks, and he didn't think they wanted to find out about them either.

Opening his phone to the app that Hyunjin had been unfortunate enough to come across, he checked the stats on his last videos, trying to pull his expectations lower so that he wouldn't be let down. The charts that showed the amount of views he'd gotten and revenue he'd earned had a positive slope, but still, he was slightly disappointed to see that they hadn't done as well as he'd hoped.

He consoled himself by saying that more people were likely to watch his videos tonight and this weekend. People had more free time to let out their sexual frustration Friday through Sunday.

Seungmin slid open the glass door and turned the shower on, presumably to let the water heat up, but really just to mask any odd noises he might make from his production.

He positioned his phone camera against the set up of boxes in the closet, adjusting the angle so that only from his mouth to his torso area were revealed. After double checking to make sure his phone was muted, he clicked record.

Seungmin sensually dragged his fingers from his open mouth down his body, letting his eyes close to help him get into character. His hands roughly felt himself up, pulling at the doggy collar and sinking his head back in a silent moan.

He decided that he'd recorded enough, and ended the video, cropping it so it ended after his moan, and uploading it to his OnlyFans page.

His hands fumbled below his chin, impatiently undoing the collar and stepping into the steaming shower. The bathroom was not only the most private place he could record, but also convenient for when he wanted to touch himself. He didn't have a particularly high libido, but every time he recorded one of his videos, he felt an urge.

A couple minutes passed, and Seungmin was now breathing heavily, his eyes closed and head turned toward the ceiling desperate to finish. As he was about to reach his high, an image of Hyunjin dragging his hair back, sweat dripping down his forehead, floated across Seungmin's mind. He shuddered, releasing. Seungmin finished up scrubbing himself with soap and tried not to let his mind linger on Hyunjin.

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