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// mental health issues, homophobia; mention of porn and marijuana

Hyunjin hoped to see Seungmin before school at their usual meetup location. Jisung and Felix noticed him distracted, scanning the hallways and trailing off in the middle of his sentences. They knew who he was searching for.

Hyunjin had explained to them what happened that weekend. They all knew that they had fucked up, going off on their own in a loud, overstimulating club, and not paying attention to what happened to Seungmin.

They wanted to give Seungmin space if he was mad at them, but they also really wanted to make things up to him.

"You can talk to him in class," Jisung comforted Hyunjin, patting his shoulder.

But anatomy class came and went with no words exchanged between the two of them. Their teacher thought that they had enough time to work on their projects in class, they were divided up, and no one was their project partner.

The only fortunate thing that came out of this situation was that everyone felt thoroughly awkward around people whose names they didn't know.

Hyunjin hoped he could talk to Seungmin at the very end of class, but as soon as the bell rang, the younger rushed to grab his bag and leave, leaving Hyunjin despondent.

Felix patted his shoulder. "Don't worry, you can always message him."

"You know he didn't respond to any of my messages this weekend."

Jisung put a finger to his mouth, thinking. "You've been to his house right? Just run over there and talk to him. He won't ignore you."

"I didn't exactly get the vibe that his parents liked me."

Felix sighed, all out of ideas. "Jisung and I have to go work on our project in the library. How about we message Seungmin later and tell you what he says?"

Hyunjin nodded and dejectedly made his way home. He half hoped that he'd run into Seungmin on the way home, but knowing the younger was too long of a head start and would be too far ahead. 

However, the exact opposite had occurred. Seungmin hadn't even gotten close to going to the downstairs exit before he was pulled into the bathroom. 

"Hey, we need to talk," Jeongin announced. 

Seungmin incoherently let out a bunch of genuinely confused "Whats?" and "Whys?"

"Don't act like you weren't crying."

"You saw?" Seungmin exclaimed. He walked around the bathroom to move away from the younger, double-checking that all the stalls were empty. "Why didn't you say anything?"

The Sunday after the group hang out, he'd woken up with swollen eyes and wondered how it had only been last weekend that Hyunjin had been kissing him. 

The rest of the weekend went by in a haze of coldly avoiding his parents and feeling miserable about what had happened, and questioning whether anyone he spent time with was his real friend.

"As if I was going to call you out in front of everyone!" Jeongin said, starting to grow angry at Seungmin's disappointment. "And I'm sorry I didn't message you yesterday, my parents took my phone away after staying out so late."

Seungmin put his hands on either side of one of the sinks and nodded at Jeongin through the mirror. "Sorry. I didn't mean to sound like you did anything wrong. I know you care."

Jeongin shook his head. "It's fine. Anyway, are you going to tell me what happened? I didn't get a chance to talk to Changbin if he knew."

Seungmin thought about what had happened, feeling like he was drowning in the club and then ending up crying with two strangers in the bathroom. "I was just overwhelmed," he muttered. "I got lost and anxious and then I went home and got yelled at by my parents who are starting to suspect that I like . . ."

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