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The sun shone down on Seungjin as they walked down the sidewalks in the suburbs. Hyunjin stepped ahead when they got to the main roads to lead them, glancing back and forth across the street and back at Seungmin before hurrying across, Seungmin on his heels.

At one stoplight, they waited for a solid five minutes for the light to change, but cars continued to roll past.

Hyunjin nervously glanced at Seungmin, wondering if he was growing impatient. But Seungmin was just looking around at the buildings and taking in the unfamiliar location.

For a solid fifteen seconds, but what felt like forever, almost no cars passed through the intersection. But the crosswalk light remained infuriatingly on stop.

"You know what," Hyunjin mumbled, and grabbed Seungmin's wrist. Seungmin didn't even have time to yell before he was pulled across the crosswalk with Hyunjin sprinting. When they safely arrived on the other side, Hyunjin immediately dropped Seungmin's hand, more nervous by touching him than by jaywalking. He continued walking in the direction of the plaza with their grocery and crafts stores, and Seungmin numbly followed, still feeling shocked.

Seungmin's heart was pounding. He spluttered, "Hyunjin! You could've got us killed!"

Hyunjin sucked in his cheeks at the sound of his name, glad that he was walking ahead of Seungmin so that he couldn't see his expression. He forced himself to remember the fact that Seungmin knew that he liked him and didn't like him back in order to get his face to look neutral. "But I didn't. And there are still no cars."

The brunette just let out a frustrated noise and shook his head.

Hyunjin changed the subject as they continued to the shopping center. "What do you want to get to eat?"

"I'm fine, I ate during the last period."

Hyunjin's forehead creased. They weren't supposed to eat lunch in classes, especially not in their science class where they worked with chemicals that were poisonous if ingested. But no one snitched, so Seungmin continued secretly eating his lunch in the back of the room every class. It made sense that he wasn't hungry, but -

"I can't invite you over and not feed you anything." Hyunjin had been taught rules about hospitality that he didn't want to break.

Seungmin sighed. "What are you, my mother? You really don't have to. And I'm not hungry anyway."

Hyunjin pouted. "Fine then. But when you come over this weekend, we're going to get food."

The younger raised his eyebrows and gave a slight smile as they entered the craft store. "Okay, sounds good to me."

They wandered around the aisles and picked up their project materials. At the self-checkout, Seungmin fumbled with his wallet, looking for the right card to pay for the materials while Hyunjin protested.

"Fine, you can carry them," Seungmin said as he finished, handing the giant poster board and the plastic bag full of materials to Hyunjin.

The blonde rolled his eyes. "That's not what I meant."

They continued to bicker as they walked out the automatic doors. Seungmin paused, the wind from the air conditioning blowing through the door and making his hair dance, as he tried to reorient himself in the street, but Hyunjin kept right on walking.

They entered the grocery store, not quite packed as it wasn't late enough for most adults to be out of work. "What did you need to get from here?" Seungmin asked.

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