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// food, alcohol, marijuana, mention of porn

Friday night, Hyunjin called Seungmin with an excuse to hang out with him." Hey, Jackson's having a party tomorrow, do you want to come with me?"

"Weren't we going to start working on the poster board?"

"Seungminnn," Hyunjin whined, and Seungmin's stomach strangely flipped again. "We're making good progress on the assignment in class. Isn't all our research done?"

"Yes, but -"

"Then we're good! We have a whole month before the display has to be completed."

"I already told you that I don't go to parties."

"I thought of that, and I checked to make sure. It's not like a rave, just a chill house party." Hyunjin knew that this was probably untrue given how all of Jackson's parties ended up turning into ragers no matter how they started, but he'd been told that it was a chill house party, so that was what he decided to pass along. If Seungmin wanted to leave if it got to be too much, he'd drive them home then and there. 

The brunette sighed. "Why me?" Please don't say it's because you still think you have a crush on me.

Hyunjin had already prepared an excuse. "I'm only meeting up with Jisung there and I know he's going to be sucking face with Minho the whole time," he said, sticking out his tongue, though Seungmin couldn't see him. "Also, you already know, I want to be friends with you."

Seungmin's heart panged in painfully sweet way at Hyunjin's persistence in wanting to be friends. "Fine. But promise me that no one will force alcohol on me."

"For sure. Well, I can't promise that, but I'll punch anyone who tries to peer pressure you." [3racha stans riseeee]

Seungmin let out a laugh. "You don't have to go that far."

"Eh. I'll fuck with anyone who messes with you." It sounded strangely overprotective, and Seungmin's heart panged again. The blonde continued, "Okay, I'll come over on Saturday then." They decided on the times that they would be arriving and leaving.

The next day passed quickly, and as the sun's rays departed, Seungmin waited by the window of his room, starting whenever a car passed by his neighborhood. One finally came to a stop in front of his house, and he ran outside to meet Hyunjin.


The muffled sound of heavy bass pounded through the doors and windows of the house as they stood outside, waiting for the door to be opened. Even before they entered the party, Seungmin clung onto Hyunjin's arm, trying to soothe his nerves. The older one's heart fluttered. This was an unexpected benefit of inviting Seungmin to a party.

They stood on the dark porch for a moment, looking up at the grandiose house, emitting a warm glow that was in contrast with all the lewd activity currently occurring inside.

The door swung open with a squeal and a blast of cold air permeated the humidity outside. "It was unlocked," a voice grunted. The two friends looked at each other with amused smiles before letting themselves in.

The blaring of loud hip grew louder the further they went. Looking around at all the people dancing, It definitely wasn't a chill party like Hyunjin had promised, but it wasn't a rager. Seungmin was curious to see what Hyunjin did on the weekends and what he was like in this environment. 

The taller asked the other if he wanted a drink, a non-alcoholic drink, and Seungmin accepted. Hyunjin poured punch into two solo cups, and handed one over. "Wait one sec," he said, taking a sip of his own to confirm that they were safe to drink. "All good."

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