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// mention of sex, porn, and homophobia; food

Hyunjin woke up to the sound of an unfamiliar alarm clock, trying to reorient himself, and the events of last night came back to him.

He had grown sleepy after dinner, so Seungmin had invited him to stay over. The brunette ran the idea by his parents, who looked unwilling, but relented as they didn't want to make a bad first impression on Hyunjin.

Hyunjin stepped outside to call his father to ask him if he could stay over and whether he could bring his toothbrush and clothes. And unsurprisingly, he was okay with it. "Okay, but you need to tell me about this boy later. Let me know if you want me to bring over condoms or anything - "

"Dad!" he whisper-yelled, flushing at the idea of being with Seungmin. "He's just my friend!"

After their call ended, Seungmin's mother tapped his shoulder to let him know to come inside.

"You should wait inside, it's getting cold," she said, and they both awkwardly went to wait in the foyer.

In a short while, Hyunjin's father came to the door to drop off a small backpack with Hyunjin's necessities. He left a peck on Hyunjin's cheek before hurrying back to his idling car.

Hyunjin normally slept in just his underwear, but didn't want to make Seungmin uncomfortable, and obviously couldn't walk around his parents half-naked. The blonde was finished changing in the bathroom upstairs and brushing his teeth when he got a text notification on his phone from his father. "Check the side pocket. Let me know if you need anything else."

A frown crossed the boy's face as he quickly rinsed his mouth and rummaged through the bag, until his hands knocked against some thin plastic. He pulled out the items.

It took about half a second for Hyunjin to register the bottle of lube and roll of condoms.

His hands slightly shaking, he immediately stuffed them back in the bag, looking around as if people were watching him in the bathroom. He did not want Seungmin to think that he had plans to have sex with him.

Hyunjin furiously texted back his father with a red face, but only got laughing-crying emojis in response.

He shook his head and left the bathroom to find Seungmin, who had already changed into flannel pajamas and was tidying up.

"Hey where should I sleep?"

"You can stay in my bed, I don't mind. But, I don't know, don't do anything funny. My parents are homophobic," he whispered. Seungmin hoped that his parents wouldn't be suspicious, as Jeongin and sometimes Changbin slept over too. But Hyunjin was a friend they weren't familiar with.

Hyunjin pouted. He hadn't known that Seungmin was unable to be open about his identity with his parents and felt sorry for the younger. Then he winked. "But we're just friends, right?"

Seungmin just looked at the other for a moment before smacking him with a pillow. "Stop flirting. And you know that being friends doesn't matter to them. If we're two guys cuddling, that's gay enough for them."

Hyunjin still held out his hands in front of his body to ward off any more pillow attacks. "Okay, okay, sorry." He paused. "Wait, cuddling?"

"Forget about it," Seungmin said, placing the pillow back, his ears red.

"Do you cuddle Jeongin and Changbin too? Where do they sleep when they come over?"

"Yeah, we do, just as friends. They usually stay in my bed, unless all three of us are there, because one of us usually gets fed up with how cramped it is and sleeps on the carpet."

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