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Hyunjin didn't have his close friends, Felix and Han, to sit with at lunch. However, he didn't sit alone because he was ever the popular kid. He was always flocked by people, those who wanted to climb up the social ladder and those that he was actually chill with and partied with.

He scanned the room, looking for Seungmin. He'd never seen his science partner there before and didn't even know whether they had the same lunch period, but it was worth a shot to check.

Then he recalled Seungmin talking about how he didn't really have friends here, so on impulse decided to leave the lunchroom. His acquaintances and fake friends glanced up at him as he left but didn't say anything. Hyunjin charmed the lunch monitor with a smile and a few quick words about needing the bathroom, and left with no hall pass.

The blonde-haired boy wandered the halls, passing classes in session and artwork drooping on the walls. He didn't have a plan, and wandered the halls, picking up speed to make it seem like he was on an important mission whenever he passed a teacher.

He slowed down, thinking of where his crush could be. The first place thought of was the bathroom, but his heart twisted at the thought of Seungmin eating lunch there alone. Not that it was a shameful thing, but it didn't seem like something Seungmin would do.

Hyunjin was correct. By their senior year, Seungmin had gotten the art of eating lunch alone down. He had changed his eating schedule, eating late at night so that he didn't end up feeling hungry the whole day until the end of school, when he would devour his lunch at the end of the last period and then leave to go home. It was definitely unusual, but not something that was unhealthy for him, and was preferable to awkwardly sitting alone at the end of a lunch table.

The library was the next place that Hyunjin thought of to check, and by a stroke of luck, they did indeed have the same lunch period. He spotted Seungmin, tucked away in his favorite corner, reading a book.

Seungmin looked up as footsteps quietly approached and his heart began to pick up pace as he saw who it was. "Oh hey!" He put his book face down on the table next to him. The brunette didn't feel insecure anymore about appearing like a loner now that he and Hyunjin were friends. He knew he appeared very different from the popular Hyunjin, but he was okay with who he was and where he hung out. Hyunjin, however, looked uncomfortable.

"Have you ever been here before?" Seungmin asked, half-teasing him as he sat down. They were ina little corner, mostly obscured from sight by tall bookshelves and tables. 

Hyunjin fidgeted in the seat next to Seungmin. "Only for class. I'm not a big reader."

"You can work that brain like you do the rest of your body," Seungmin said, jokingly giving the older a once-over.

Hyunjin didn't know how to react to this, forgetting what he'd come here for.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I just - I'm not used to your flirting," Hyunjin in a small voice.

"I'm not flirting," Seungmin protested.

Hyunjin raised his eyebrows.

"Sorry, I'll stop."

Hyunjin moved his chair around so that he faced Seungmin. "I don't mind." He was trying to think of what to say next when a librarian came by, sternly giving Seungmin a bookmark.

"Thank you," Seungmin said, chastised.

Hyunjin gave him a questioning look and Seungmin explained, "They don't like people the books face down because it messes with the binding."

Hyunjin did not know anyone who was so serious about the maintenance of books. "Damn, they have good eyes."

"They keep an eye on me." During his free lunch period, Seungmin would go to the library to read or work on homework. There were a lot of other quiet kids there as well, and no one bothered each other. The librarians were kind to him, recognizing him as someone who came in often.

"And you said that you only have two friends," Hyunjin teased.

"No, now I have you too."

Hyunjin's heart jumped and it must've shown on his face because Seungmin grinned. "Anyway, what are you doing here?" the younger asked. That was the first question that had popped into his head, but had gotten buried as they started talking.

Hyunjin forced himself to not look away, even though his face was starting to burn. "Remember before when I told you that I like you? And you said that I didn't really like you?"

"Yeah, I guess you want me to explain that now."

"Yes, please."

Seungmin sighed. Though Hyunjin was sweet for being a good friend and wanting to know him, this supposed crush was getting out of hand. "You think you like me, but you actually don't. You're just attached to me because we talked a bit about our feelings. And even if you do think I'm cute or whatever," he said blushingly, "That doesn't mean much. You still don't know who I am at all."

Hyunjin took a moment to take in the other's words. "Okay, it's true, I don't really know you. But I have enough of an idea to know that I like you. Or could like you," he added, seeing that the other was about to protest.

"I still really think that you're just emotionally attached to me."

Hyunjin looked at him disbelievingly, wondering if any of his words had gotten in the other's head. He sensed that Seungmin was not going to relent and conceded, "Fine, maybe I don't actually like you like that." Not wanting to be spoken for, he added, "But you can't decide what my feelings are."

"I'm not deciding them, I'm just saying that I think that you only like me because you're a little lonely."

Hyunjin hummed, not wanting to argue at the other's projections. "That doesn't quite sound like what you were saying before, but I'll take it."

"Whatever. So you've got a friend crush on me, so being friends should be enough."

Hyunjin's mouth quirked as if he was trying to hold back from saying something.

"Why are you laughing?"

Hyunjin chortled, nervously thinking, It's not just a friend crush at all, so no, it doesn't feel like enough. "Nothing, don't worry about it. So can we be friends?"

"Didn't I say we already were?" Seungmin said, looking down and smiling, knowing that Hyunjin would give a good reaction. He enjoyed seeing the other's shyness. [not shy, not me!]

He was glad to see that this was true. "Oh," was all Hyunjin could say, looking flustered, before they fell into a silence.

After a while of fiddling with their fingers, Hyunjin said. "I was about to ask why you come here but I already know why."

"Don't pity me."

"I don't!" Hyunjin cried, and then lowered his voice at Seungmin's frantic urging. "You know I don't. I just figured that this was more your scene, especially when you don't really know people at this school." He waited for the younger to say something, but when he didn't, he added, "You know you could sit with me."

Seungmin sucked in a breath. "I don't feel super comfortable in there."

"What if I came here?"

"You really don't have to do that," Seungmin said, leaning back.

"Well, you can't stop me from staying here," the blonde said with a mischievous smile.

Seungmin laughed, covering his face, only stopping at the angry glares of the other patrons.

And Hyunjin began eating lunch with Seungmin in the library every day, sneaking bites while talking to his new friend.


a/n hey y'all! sorry for the late and short update, school has been a little overwhelming :( but I am updating this again v soon!

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