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// mention of sex and porn, mental health issues

It was almost an entire week after the party, Thursday afternoon, and the day before Seungmin was supposed to go over to Hyunjin's to work on their anatomy project.

Seungmin, on impulse, decided to call Hyunjin. He told himself that it was because he was bored, not having any homework to do, feeling too tired to talk to his friends, and not being able to do his camboy work with both his parents at home.

And also, he couldn't keep the blonde-haired boy off of his mind.

Hyunjin looked up from his desk, actually studying for once, and his heart jumped as he read the caller ID. He immediately answered the phone. "Hey, what's up?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to talk to you."

Hyunjin couldn't hide his flattery and awwed.

"Shut up!" Seungmin laughed, flopping over the end of his bed so that he was hanging upside down. "I don't even have anything to say to you."

"Sweet nothings are fine with me, baby." Hyunjin hoped his sweet talk would come across as a joke though deep down, he wanted it to be real.

Seungmin raised his eyebrows at the flirting but just focused on the facts. "Is that a thing people actually do after . . . ?" He trailed off, shyly not wanting to directly talk about sex.

"Mmm, I guess it depends. I keep forgetting that you don't fuck around, being a camboy and all."

"Yeah, I've never done anything in person."

Hyunjin automatically nodded, before he processed what the brunette had said. "Wait, what? Does that mean you're a virgin?" He'd assumed that Seungmin was a virgin before, but after learning that he was a camboy, hadn't been so sure anymore.

Seungmin dodged the question, sliding off the bed onto the floor so that he wasn't so close to his door. "Virginity is a social construct, it's just used to degrade people."

"Yeah, but it's mostly used as something to shame women for and congratulate men for, so that doesn't really apply to you. You're avoiding the question."

At this point, Seungmin knew Hyunjin well enough to be unsurprised that he was well-versed in social issues, even though he could've been stereotyped as a dumb jock. "I know, you're right. Anyway, Hyunjin, I don't even know what you consider to be sex. You could say that I'm not totally a virgin for being a camboy."

Hyunjin took a more direct approach. "Have you ever been railed? Or railed someone?"

Bold of you to assume that I could top. Seungmin almost laughed out of the absurdity of the conversation, but just blew out a long breath. "So anyway. Do you want to come over today?"

"Oh - sure!" Hyunjin was flustered by the sudden change in topic and also by the prospect of seeing Seungmin again though they had just seen each other in class. In the back of his mind, he wondered if this was a come-on, going from talking about sex to asking him over. He immediately pushed the thought out of his head, reminding himself that Seungmin didn't want him to like him.

Seungmin gave him his address and told him, "You can come over in the next hour and stay for dinner. I'm sure my parents will be fine with it."

Hyunjin raised his eyebrows at the idea of coming over and meeting his crush's parents. "Oh moving fast, are we?" he said, hoping it came off as a joke.

Seungmin immediately began panicking on the other end. "Oh no no no, what? That's not what I meant."

Hyunjin could imagine him wide-eyed and blushing. He laughed, "Don't worry, I was joking."

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