Peace? Or War?

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The picture above is how Allexia's Panther looks like.
Thank you all for reading! Enjoy!


Allexia's POV~

I felt numb. I was so afraid of loosing someone who was dear to me to those undead, blood sucking freaks.
One of the girls, obviously the leader, forced us to stop the truck. I felt Alex pull me so tight against him that it almost hurt.
But then... the lady put her hands up like she was surrendering.
She yelled so we could hear her through the truck,
"We don't want to fight you. We just want some answers."
We all looked at each other.
"Allexia, make her swear a magic binding oath to keep peace while we are in this state" my aunt said.
I complied with what I was told, feeling my fingertips start to glow, I yelled,

"Do you swear not to harm any of us in this vehicle as long as we are in this state?"
"We swear" the lady said.
"We swear to comply with the same rules as you have done." I said, putting her coven at ease. They all visibly relaxed at my words.
I looked at my friends and said,
"Well, that's that. Who want to get out first?"
Everyone signed at my lame attempt for a joke.
Alex got our first, and we all trailed behind him. He kept me real close, keeping me behind him in an effort to try to protect me of things when south.

"We don't want to fight. We just want some answers." The lady said to us. "My name is Hazelya. I don't have a last name. I was born over 300 years ago. We just want to know why you killed our leader"

I felt something off about what she said. I thought her words over and realized that my gut didn't believe she was as old as she said.

I think she's lying. My gut says she's only about a 100 years.

"You're lying. you aren't as old as you say" I felt my lips say. Hazelya's head whipped to me.

"Then how old am I, Little Witch?"

"I'd say you're only 100 years. Not 300." I said. My confidence soaring as I said my theory.

I felt Alex grip my hand, squeezing it in a warning to stay silent. But I ignored him. They swore to peace.

The vampires all looked at me in wonder. Then one by one they knelt down. I stood dumbstruck by the view in front of me. Even Hazelya was ok her knees.

"A prophecy foretold that one day a young witch would be so powerful that only she can tell when a vampiress was lying about her age. She would be related to the one who would kill an evil leader and then run across states to try to save her dearest ones."

•no one can tell when a vampires lying about her age... Except you.•
I heard Alex say inside my head.

"We will leave, after I teach you how to unlock your animal spirit. She is the one who told you that I was lying."
Hazelya told me. I weakly nodded, not knowing what to say.

Soon after that, we were sitting in a tent that the vampires set up, feeling like a moron.
"I can't do it!! We have been mediating for EVER and I'm no closer to unlocking my 'inner animal'! Are you sure this is the ONLY way?" I ask.
My butt was going numb from sitting for God knows how long.
"We've only been sitting for 10 minutes!!" Hazelya exclaimed.
I groaned.
Then Hazelya suddenly said,
"Wait! I know a way to unlock your animal!!"
Then she started throwing spices and things into a large cauldron that one of the bigger vamps brought in at her request.

I was slightly scared at the thought of drinking something that a vamp made, but if it got me out of this tent, I'll do it.

It took a few minutest I gather the ingredients , and a small fire boiling the liquid inside the cauldron before it was ready.
She pours a little of the liquid into a cup. It smelt like burnt garbage, and had a greenish color. I grimaced at the cup I was told to down.

"Do I HAVE to?" I whine. Trying to get out if drinking this nasty looking liquid.
Hazelya rolled her eyes and said,
"We could go back to meditation..."
And like that, the liquid was gone.

I felt dizzy and very sleepy. As soon as I closed my eyes, I dreamed that I was a large cat. But not exactly like the ones we see in the zoos.
Mine was a giant Panther. Bigger than anything I have ever seen in a zoo. With striking green eyes.
I looked like a bad ass.
~ yes we do.~
I heard inside my head.
~ who are you?~ I ask the voice.
~ I'm your inner Panther. Your mother was part Werecat, but I was suppressed by your magic. But now that you drank that retched crap, I'm free!! My names Dianna~
I was shocked. Will I still be able to use my magic?
~ yes silly, you'll just have a bad ass Panther ready to pounce on some douche bags.~
I laughed at Dianna, she was a little spit fire.
~ How was my mom part Werecat?~ I asked,
~ She was bitten while she was pregnant with you, but she was so distraught that her cat part died so that she could be happy again. That's why your brother doesn't have an animal part~ Dianna said to me.

That made since. Thats why I always felt a piece of myself missing.. Until I met Dianna

Then suddenly, I was back in the land of the living, but I was in my Panther form. I freaked out. How do I turn back?!?
~ calm down!! Geeze! Picture yourself as a human and breathe deeply." Dianna told me.

I did what she told me, but didn't feel any different. I was about to give up, but then I felt my bones start to break.

I winched at the slight pain and discomfort. When I opened my eyes I was human again.... but I was naked.

I yelped, seeing the clothes laid in front of me, quickly grabbed them and covering my body.
When I walked out, I easily smelt my mate out.
He smelled of pineapples and the morning air. It smelled delightful.

He smiled at me as I walked toward him. I felt Dianna start to purr at out mate.

~ Man, our mate is HOT!! With a capital H!!~ she told me.
I laughed at her silliness, but had to agree. Our mate was really hot.

"Hey baby, I heard what happened, have you found her yet?" He said, talking about my Panther.

~PLEASE LET ME TAKE OVER!!~ Dianna yelled at me. I sighed, internally, but let her take over.

I felt my eyes turn into her green color.
"Hey mate. My names Dianna. Let me just tell you right now, even if your drop dead gorgeous, if you hurt her, I'll rip your balls off and stuff them down your throat. Then I'll slowly torture you until I have you begging for mercy!!
Love ya!"
She said most of it in a deadly growl, except for the 'love you' part, which she purred out.
I almost laughed at the look on Alex's face. It was priceless!!

We soon were all loaded up into the truck again and on our way towards home. To Louisiana.

I was so sleepy from the day's events . The dreamland place I was in with Dianna didn't give me any rest.
"Go to sleep, baby. I'll protect you, even if your Panther scares the shit outta me!" Alex said, with a little chuckle.

~Damn straight!!~ Dianna said with a yawn.

Then he gently kisses my forehead, causing Dianna to purr uncontrollably.
I laughed at how whipped she was, even if she did threatened him. I scooted closer, so I could use Alex as my pillow... And furnace. He was literally hot. Like in temperature, not cuteness,
~He's both~ Dianna sighed.

~WHIPPED!! With a capital W!!~ I said with a laugh

I felt her glaring at me as I was falling asleep.

And she wasn't the only one glaring at me as I snuggled up to Alex's rock hard abs.
I wish Ronin would just get over it. We were through and he didn't mean anything to me like Alex means to me now. He needs to find his own mate and stop being such a child about it.

Then I was out, with that final thought. And I dreamed of nothing. Absolutely nothing, and for the first time in a very long time, I didn't have a horrible nightmare.

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