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It was a week since Andrew was put on full dialysis. A full week. Tubes were coming from everywhere out his little frame. He was so pale. So dead like.

I was a reck. My Panther was on the surface all the time. On a good day it was only my eves that changed.

Only females were allowed in because of an incident a few days ago when I almost bit a guys head off because he didn't tell me what he was about to give my son. And I mean I literally almost decapitated him.

His only saving grace was that he managed to stumble out the room. I never left the room.

I haven't ate or slept. The only thing that kept me alive was Diana. She kept our body from collapsing from sleep exhaustion and no water or food. I hardly let Alex near my baby because I didn't know who I could trust anymore.

The only way the female nurses were allowed was when I knew what they were doing and I recognized their faces. No new people. No exceptions.

I was about to consider ending my life so that maybe the Moon Goddess would take mercy on my son when he moved his hand.

I stared at his hand for a long time. It was the first sign of life that I saw since we left the hotel a little over a week ago.

"B-baby?" I said. My voice was scratchy from lack of use and water.

Then he opened his eyes. I started crying.

"BABY Y-YOUR O-OKAY!!!" I cried out. I held his tiny frame against me.

"Momma? Wat hapen? Were are we? Wat is all twese thingys inside me??" He asked. He was scared.
He looked at me with his big, brown doe eyes.

"Shush baby. Momma will protect you. Those things are cleaning your blood because something was put inside you. The doctors say that it will help you feel better." I said, reassuring him.

"DOCTOR!!! COME QUICK!!! HES AWAKE!!" A nurse screamed outside the door.

But then I felt the most painful sensation in my lower stomach and chest.

I screamed, and grabbed my stomach. I felt tears stream down my cheeks as I realized what was the cause of my pain.

My mate was having sex with someone else...
The nurses gave me muscle relaxers. But we all know it wasn't going to dull the pain. Nothing will.


Andrews POV (keep in mind that this is from the view of a 5 year old)

Wen I woke up, I saw red tubes comin out from inside my arms. They were scary but momma told me tha the doctors put them there to make me better.

I wasn tired from tha poky thingy tha Unkie DANNY gave me bfor he weft.

It stung and made me tired. I was gonna ask momma bout it wen she started skreamin and cryin.

Momma fell outta her chair and grabbed her stimack. I was scared for my momma.

~What's hapinin to momma wolfie?~ I asked my wolf.

I called him wolfie becuz his name was too hard for me to say.

~... Her mate hurt her.~ he said. He sounded sad.

~wats that mean? ~ I asked.

Momma kepd skreamin even tho the doctors gave momma a poky thingy too to make momma fweel no pain.

I was cryin and askin them what was wrong wit momma bu they gust wooked sad an didn anwer me.

They gust kept givin momma poky thingys.

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