Fairy Magic

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I feel it necessary to say that if ANY of you guys reading my book please don't cut or anything like that because someone os being mean to you or because you don't think your worth it.

Please if you feel like doing anything like that, message me. I've been there. I was bullied, so I know how hard it can be. Don't feel like you have to follow society's rules to be noticed.

I'm always here if you need a friend or if you need someone to talk you out of doing anything.

I love you all just for reading my book,

LOVE YA!!! 😘😘😘😘😘


Percy's POV:

I ran out of that room that was so full of love that it was slightly scary. I'm not good with that emotion.

I took the little Andy into the gaming room and tried to ignore all the cat calls that I heard.

People are monsters. The only person that I really cared about was Alley.

She was.... different. She knew how it felt to cut and what horrible things drove you to it.

She understood things that no one else I've met would understand.

"Weres momma?" A little voice cut into my thoughts. I smiled at him, and said,

"She's talking to... Alex?" I didn't know what he called Alex.
But he nodded his little brown head.

"Can we go eat breakfast?" He asked, I looked at the time and realized that almost two hours have passed.

This kid made time fly by. I smiled and took his little hand.

I brought him into the kitchen for the chief to make him pancakes.

I looked up to see Allexia and Alpha walk in. I smiled at her, then quickly left when Alpha Marc and Luna Lee came in. They were always too loud for my ears to handle.

I went into the living room and dozed off. I was woke up by someone shaking me.

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes to meet a pale looking Alley.

"A-Allexia?" I questioned.

I've never seen her look so pale. I immediately took her arm and laid her down on the couch.

The thing that worries me was that she didn't try to stop me. She was stubborn like a bull. She would never allow someone to lay her down...

"Tell me what's wrong" I asked gently. Not wanting to scare her into not talking.

"The d-doctor s-said I c-can't have any p-pups." She said, starting to sob.

I could...No. Then I'd be in BIG trouble.

Damn, I silently cursed as im looked down and saw her looking at me. I knew she saw the guilt of not being allowed to help.

"Can you do something?" she asked, sitting up and looking me in the eyes.

"Y-yes but I'd b-be in b-big trouble with the Council." I said, begging her not to ask me to do it.

But if the situation were switched I knew that I'd ask and she do it. Because we became sisters that night she took me to the mall and when she protected me.

She looked at me with those big blue eyes and begged,

"Please. All I want is a baby. I'll protect you. This whole pack will. Alex will too. Please, Percy. Please do this for me. We both know that they are scared of me. Maybe they'll let it slide this one time"

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