Keith McElroy

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This chapter is dedicated to my crazy ass friend who wouldn't stop bugging me till I wrote another chapter...


Thanks for reading!! 😘


Alleys POV:

I woke up beside my baby. I smiled at how his mouth was open. He looked so cute!!

I got up slowly so that I didn't wake him up. What can I say? When I'm hungry, I eat.

I crept down the stars like a true ninja because it was like 5 in the morning. I even did the Pink Panther thingy.
I'm weird! Get over it!!

"I'm glad we have a mate because NO ONE in their right mind would date you..." Dianna said,

"Hey! That's mean!" I said back to her. She just rolled her eyes and went to the back of my head.

When I finally made it to the kitchen, I decided to make pancakes for the whole pack.

I blame it on the pregnancy hormones...

I started singing a song as I cooked, like my mom always did. I felt like I was back at home in her kitchen baking food like I did sometimes.

It felt nice to be back in the kitchen. I almost screamed when a voice asked me,

"What are you doing?" I turned around so fast I almost dropped the batter.

It was Annette. I smiled at her and said sadly,

"Making breakfast. My mom had always loved it when I woke up and cooked for her." I looked down, and brushed a tear away.

"What was she like? Your mom."
She asked, wistfully.

"She was the most beautiful person I knew. Inside and out. She'd always say this one quote that I learned to love. It was ' Sometimes Destiny makes a mistake and doesn't make two people blood relatives, but it makes it right by making them True Friends that last a lifetime".

I looked up and smiled at her, I said,

"She'd would have loved you, ya no? She always said the feisty children are the most beautiful spirited"

She looked down and whispered,

"You're just like her. My mom. You remind me of her a lot. That's why I guess I was mean to you." When she looked up, she had tears in her eyes.

I put down the mix and pulled her into my arms and said,

"It's okay. I miss my mom too. You can never get over it, I think. You only get passed the most painful times and live your life the way they would want you too"

We sat there for a little while, her in my arms. Then she pulled away, saying,

"Yep. You're just like her... Can I help?"

"Sure. I think you can help." I said with a smile.

I was overjoyed that Alex's sister didn't hate me anymore. I think we will have a good relationship once we've gotten to know each other longer.

She asked me a lot of questions, like favorite this, favorite that.

I even got her to laugh a couple of times. And before we knew it, we had made enough food for everyone.

"Nice job!" I told her, giving her a high five.

"Thanks. I know" she said smugly.

Like brother like sister. I thought with a laugh.

"Annette, did you make all this with Allexia?" I heard Luna Lee ask shocked.

"Yep. We made chocolate chip pancakes!!" She said with a smile.

"Good morning, Luna Lee." I said respectively, but then I got a slap to the back of the head.

I looked up shocked to a smirking Luna.

"None of that 'Luna' crap with me child." she said. I laughed along with her.

Soon the whole pack woke up to get their share of the food. It takes a lot of food to feed a 250 member pack.

I looked over and made sure that Andrew had a plate, and then I ate my plate. I saw Andy run off to the daycare where all his friends were at.

I didn't force him to go to daycare, he actually wanted to go. Saying that he was 'growin up'. But no matter how old he got, he will always be my Andy.

I laughed when Alex was fighting with one of the visiting Alphas. I think his name was Kenny? Kenith? Something like that.

"Hey baby, you met Alpha Keith?"
Alex said as I walked toward them... I was close.

"Keith McElroy at your service, ma'am" Keith said.

He was sorta cute, but so not my type. He had straight brownish hair, he was taller than me, and skinny.

"Hi. I'm Allexia, that morons Mate" I said taking his hand and shaking it.

I looked up and saw Percy, I waved her over and I was about to say hi when Keith said,


I thought as my eyes shifted. I took Keith by his shirt and dragged his ass outside.


Then I started throwing punches. He didn't dare try to hit me back because 1) I was pregnant, and 2) my mates right in the doorway with Percy.

Percy was cheering me on actually.

Alex ended up tearing me away from Keiths form. He had bruises everywhere, a broken nose, a couple broken cheekbones, and possibly a few broken ribs.

I looked up to see Percy, she wasn't mad because she knew that I needed to show him that I could beat his ass up so that he won't try anything.

I looked up to her and said,

"He seems nice. But if he hurts you, in going to break all his bones, cut off his balls, and put him in a hole full of spiders and burry him in it."

She rolled her eyes and said,

"I know. Now let's go eat"

"Babe, go get the pack doctor for Kenny" I said, turning to see his shocked face by what I did.

He should have known that I was a physco bitch from hell when it came to my friends and family.

Especially when it deals with boys. Or for Andrews case, girls.

I'm a gentle spirit except when you mess with my family or friends. Then you will wish you never were born... 😈

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