You're Always Too Busy...

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Hey guys. Sorry for the long wait, I was just loaded down with homework and practicing for my schools Drum Major auditions (even if I don't think I'll get it lol)

Hope you like it.

Alexia's POV~

When I opened my eyes, I knew what had happened.

Alex told them to put me under so that I couldn't make them kick his ass out.

"He's such an idiot if he thinks we will always be here for him" Dianna said.

And I agreed. The entire time he was ignoring me, I kept asking him if he wanted to do something. Anything really.

But he was always "Too Busy".

I snapped my head up as the door opened. Speaking of the devil...

"GET OUT!!!" I roared. I was fed up with his crap.

"No. I deserve to be here. She's my daughter too." Alex said. Oh. Hell. No.

"YOUR DAUGHTER? Hell, have you even seen an ultrasound of her before she came out? Were you there to see her heart beat? To feel her kick for the first time? It anytime for that matter?"
I said, then I shook my head,

"You gotta get it in your head that your my mate. That doesn't mean I have to be with you. Would I like to be with you? Yes, but I will never be that girl that you never talk to or never give her the time of day just a because your my mate. Now, as for your child, she's not yours. If you ever want to see her, you need to act like a father and be there for us."

I pushed he nurse call button and told them to get my baby and get Alex out of my site. And to take him off my visitors list.

They did as their Luna said, and in a few minutes, a small bed was wheeled into my room.

She was so tiny. So so tiny. But she was breathing on her own, which was a relief.

I gently picked her tiny frame up, and tucked her into my arms. I felt myself tearing up at this beautiful girl in my arms.

I made this. I made this beautiful thing from all my misery and all the mistakes I've made.

"Hey baby. I don't have a name for you yet because I was waiting to talk to your daddy about it. But you just wanted to be in the world, you impatient little thing. But don't worry, no matter what, me and your big brother will protect you. Even if you hate us for it." I said in a soft voice, then I herd someone crying.

I looked up to see Percy and Andy.
Percy was crying at the site of the baby.

"He wouldn't let me see her. I tried to tell the nurses to get him out but they wouldn't listen to me." Percy said.

I smiled, and said,

"It's fine. Hey Andrew, you wanna hold your baby sister?" I asked, loving the proud glint in his eves as I gave him his sister to hold.

"Hey baby, I'm your big brower. Imma protek you, like I do wit momma. Imma keep them bad boy away from you becuz you too tiny rite now to protek yourself. Bu once you get big and strong you'll be able to hit the bad boys yourself." He said.

I felt my heart soar at the love for both of them.

It took two days full of babies crying, nurses checking her vital signs, and them checking my stitches for us to get out of the hospital.

My little Rose was finally going to get to come home. Hopefully this time Alex will be there.

But, as I expected, there was someone waiting there telling me that he was 'too busy'. That's when I was done with it.

I turned to Percy and said,

"Go pack there bags. Tell Keith to get a bag for at least a months worth of clothes. Get some people to pack the kids up and make sure we have snacks and stuff for the ride. We are going to my aunts cabin"
Then I handed her Rosalyn and marched up the stairs.

I literally broke down the door to his office, walking in on a room full of Alphas. Like I cared.

"Hey my ass hole of a mate. How could you pick work over seeing your child coming home? How could you repeatedly pick this job over me and your daughter. Hell, I think you want to work instead of seeing me. Because that's the easy way out of things. But I'm done Alex."
I said in a steady voice. Everyone knew it wouldn't take much to set me off.

Alex's eyes darkened at my words. He said in a voice full of power and authority,

"Alexia, get out. We will discuss your disrespect later, right now I'm busy. Now if you will, be gone!"

Oh. Hell. No. He. Didn't.

Well, two can play the inner animal card, I let my eyes shift and gave Dianna front seat.

She screamed at him.

One of the alphas said,
"Man that ain't right. You need to learn how to treat your mate with respect."

I looked back at Percy who gave me a thumbs up, which told me that the bags were packed and in the car. Don't you just love fairy magic?

"So here's what's going to happen Alex, I am going to take me, MY kids, Percy, and her mate to a cabin my aunt told only me about. Danny does not know of it. I'm going to stay there for a week, or how ever long it takes me to be able to look you in the face without feeling the disappointment and heartbreak. You have until then to get your act together and your priorities straight. If you don't, then I will get all of my things, and my kids things, and I will leave. Bye, Alex." I said in a quiet voice, then I bolted with Percy on my heels.

We both jumped in the car, and then Keith floored it. I looked back to see that big house that I have come to love disappear and an angry Treant on the lawn.

And with that, we were on our way to my aunts cabin in Greenville, North Carolina.

But with every mile, my heart hurt more and more.

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