The Car Ride Of Hell

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This is especially for one of my friends who kept pestering me about writing another chapter! Now you (you know who you are!😳) better hold up your end of the bargain!! Anyways, hope you enjoy!!
One more thing, THERE IS OVER 260 PEOPLE READING THIS!!! I just want to say thank you for taking the time to read my book when they are probably more experienced writers, taking into account I'm only 15, and better books out there.
Love you all!!! Kisses and hugs!!


Ally's POV~

I am sitting besides Alex, feeling like I'm on the top of the world when he grabs my hand and draws lazy circles on the back of it. Sparks trailing his thumb leaving a pleasant feeling of being wanted in its path.
All the while I feel a burning faze boring in the back of my head. I don't have to look to know that it's Robin. He hasn't looked at anything else since he and Olivia got in the very back of the truck. (It can fit up to 6 people if we are all squished on one another, making us feel like sardines in a box)
I reached behind me into the back seat, ignoring Robins gaze, to smooth my brothers hair down. He hasn't even opened his eyes since we left. which was three hours ago. I couldn't help but worry about Danny.
He was the only thing I got left besides my aunt that I barely knew.
I felt Alex squeeze my hand in reassurance and when I glanced at him he gave me a warm smile. Making my heart skip a beat.
I pulled back my hand. Then I sat up in my chair so fast you'd probably think k was shocked. But I heard a voice inside my head say,

• He'll be fine. You worry too much, baby.•

Alex was giving me a weird look. Then he smiled and tapped his temple and said,
• I'm guessing you never had a mental link before?•
I looked shocked at him and I thought,
• Alex? Is that you? How are you talking in my head?•
He chuckled softly under his breath and said,
• it's called a mental link. All supernaturals can do it. But people who shift into something else have an easier time doing it.•

Then he smiled.Understanding flowed on my face. I couldn't get off the fact that his smile looked really sexy.
Then he full out laughed. At. Me.
My face turned so red as I realized that he got that thought.
Everyone was looking at him like he was crazy. Once he calmed down he said,
• don't feel embarrassed I think you're pretty sexy yourself too•
My face turned, if possible, more red than it was at that sudden compliment. It wasn't everyday that's was called 'sexy'!
I mean, I don't think of myself as pretty, or even mildly cute. I was bullied because of my weight for the longest time in middle school. It got so bad that I was thinking of hanging myself.
I actually stopped eating for awhile, which is why I'm so small and skinny.
But I started eating when my mom got suspicious and was thinking of getting me a therapist
. I moved to a school every year until my first year of high school, when I moved to go to school in Florida. That's where I met Olivia and Alex who will put someone in a hospital if they tried to bully me.
But I have never told them that I was a centimeter away from ending my own life to get away from the name calling and the bullies that hit me in places where I could easily hide the bruises.

I'm still scarred from that dark period of my life, and think that every time that someone asks me out that they are playing some prank on me. You can't get over that fear after so long of it happening to you.
I will never see my self as 'pretty' or 'cute' or anything but an ugly fat girl who no one will ever want to date.

Why would anyone want to though? I'm an ugly girl that has asthma. I have to take an inhaler just so I can breathe properly at times.

But I feel like I can't even control my own body when I take it. I just keep shaking and shaking. So bad that one time I had to ask Alex to screw my cap back on my coke. My hands were shaking so bad that they couldn't even screw on a BOTTLE CAP!!!

I was so lost in my own thoughts, that I didn't realize that one, I was ignoring Alex pretty badly, and two, we had stopped to eat dinner.
I gave Alex a lazy smile and said,

•sorry, I was lost in thought•

He just shook his head at me, but gave me a small smile. I looked over at Danny, and asked,
"How is he supposed to eat?"
Olivia replied,
"The transformation will make it so he doesn't need food until it is complete. But then he will be as hungry as Alex is on a bad day"
We all laughed, except Robin, who was still glaring at me, and Alex. Man, that boy can hold a grudge.
It's not MY fault that I broke up with him to protect myself in the future!
We all got out and walked into Wendy's. of course, Alex orders the biggest, fattening burger on the menu, Olivia ordered chicken strips, I ordered a salad, my aunt and Robin ordered a chicken sandwich. We all got out drink of choice. And then we were back on the road.
I was soooo bored. I hate going on long road trips because I can't read or use my phone for long, I can't make up conversations that last hours on end, and I HATE eye spy.
The only thing I have left is to sleep or stare out the window in lala land.
After I ate my salad, which wasn't bad coming from a place that basically sells diabetes on a plate, I felt my eyes get really heavy.
As I start to nod off, I put my head down on Alex's shoulder. For a boney guy that's part tree, he had surprisingly comfy shoulders.
Right as I was about to fall asleep, Alex kissed my forehead and whispers,

"Goodnight baby, I'll protect you while you sleep"
Then I was out. I wish I could say I dreamed of bunny rabbits and sparkly purple unicorns. But where's the fun in that?
I dreamed of Danny. but he wasnt... him. He had red eyes. Like the color of blood. and he was pale. Oh so pale. Not at all natural on a kid from Louisiana.
Then he laughed at me. But he had fangs.... Vampire fangs.

"You really thought that you could save me? Bitch, you couldn't save your own ass if it were on fire!" He said with a laugh that made every bone in my body cold, "You're weak. How could you ever think that you could save me? The fact that you went against my wishes makes me HATE you!!!"
I felt tears stream down my face... He really hates me, and I didn't even save him from this horrible fate.
"Suck it up! Or maybe I should suck you dry. but after I kill that mate of yours. So you know the feeling to lose someone attacked to your soul! I hope you rot in hell 'sister'!" Then he kept laughing and laughing.
I felt my heart break into so many pieces, and then he lunged at my throat...
But before he could kill me, I was woken up by Alex.
I was crying in real life too.
I heard Alex whisper soothing words to me as I calmed down.
"Bad dream?" Alex asked, with a knowing look. He felt the pain that I went through in that nightmare.
I nodded, not trusting my voice. I looked around, and everybody was asleep. My aunt had parked the car for the night...
Well, almost everyone. Robin still was looking at me like I was everything he despised. Then Alex growled at him, saying,
"Will you cut it out? She's mine! Not yours so stop glaring at her!"
Then Robin blinked at Alex, and looked like he was about to say something. But then he just shook his head, and looked back out the window.
The only reason why I was able to fall back asleep was because Alex never stopped holding me. I felt safe in his arms. Like nothing could hurt me in them.
I sighed, and snuggled deeper into his embrace, and we both slowly fell asleep. In each other's arms.
And I didn't have another nightmare.
I actually did dream of bunny rabbits and unicorns. Sadly, they weren't purple.

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