Oh. My. Mate.

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Ally's POV-
I felt Alex take my phone from my hand as I sank to the ground. The Fates must really hate me. They take my parents from me and now they are claiming my brother.
"Alrighty, all the stuff you asked is set out. How's he holding up?" Alex asked as he glanced at me.
He came over to me and put his arm around my shaking frame. Like my so called mate should have done!!
I didn't even notice that he was putting out medical supplies for my aunt until he said that. Suddenly looked very depressed, and then look angry. But then he pushed it down and he said,
"It's gonna be alright, don't worry. Your brothers a fighter. He'll be just fine. Trust me"
The weird thing is, I felt better after his reassuring. I also felt powerful sparks flying through my body. Why am I feeling this? I thought that I'm Robins mate?
But this pull I feel with Alex is WAY stronger than anything I felt for Robin. But I pushed down these thoughts and focused on my brother.
I pulled away from Alex and asked him,
"What happened to Danny?"
Alex took a beep breath and said,
"He was bitten by a vampire... There's not much we can do to reverse the affects of it"
I shut off my emotions as the door banged open, my aunt running in with an unconscious body in her arms.
"What can we do?" I asked my aunt as she laid him on the table. She looked up, and said the worst thing I have ever heard in my life,
"I don't know..."
I felt my heart crumble. But then Olivia said,
"If I change him into a Werecat, the transformation will halt the vampire venom. But it will turn him into a Werecat. If I don't, he will turn into a fledgling vampire."
I felt my breath come faster as they all looked at me. I couldn't help but think where the hell is my mate? I haven't seen him since he apologized for trying to kill my friends.
"I... I.. I don't know!! He's not that fond of werecats!! I can't make the choice that should be his to make!!" I said. My voice cracking in several places.
Then I suddenly shook Danny's frame.
"DANNY WAKE UP!!! Werecat or vampire? I can't make the choice for you! Just OPEN YOUR EYES!!" I felt the tears start to fall.
His eyes fluttered open, he said,
"Can I choose Stick Dude? I don't trust Werecats" he was glaring at Olivia.
"How. How does he know what your are?" I asked. I didn't get around to telling him yet. My aunts eyes looked very sad as she said,
"It means that he's close to death."
I looked at Alex, begging him with my eyes. He said,
"Treants can't turn someone like a werewolf or Werecat can." His voice held the grief that I felt.
"Better hurry up Ally. The vampire venom is close to his heart. It's now or never." Olivia said.
"Make me a vampire Ally! Don't turn me into that thing!" Danny exclaimed while pointing to Olivia. I looked at him sadly as I said,
"Please don't hate me for this. Olivia, do it" Danny started screaming and thrashing around at my words.
But he couldn't stop Olivia from biting him. He quickly stopped as soon as her teeth pierced his skin, looking at me with so much hate. Then he passed out

"The transformation happens as the person is passed out. It will take him a few weeks to fully turn because of the vampire venom in his blood." Olivia said.
Then my so called ''mate" came through the doors, smiling, but quickly took in the situation.
"What happened?" He asked. I glared at him and said,
"Well, mate. my brother almost died, and I had to make the toughest decision of my life WITHOUT YOU AT MY SIDE!!" Yelling that last part. Then suddenly my aunt said,
"You aren't her mate" we all looked at her.
"WHAT??" Robin roared. And looked like he was about to charge her.
"Did you feel her pain when Danny basically told her that he hated her? Even if you weren't fully mates, you should have felt her in pain" she reasoned.
He gasped as he said,
"No. That cannot be right! I felt the mate pull!"
"Simply lust for the girl that you fell for hard when you were littler" she said, growing a little impatient, "Ask your animal side if you don't believe me!"
He closed his eyes, and when he opened them, he looked hurt.

"You all are wrong!! I don't need the stupid mate pull to tell me who I love!"

He sounded broken. We both knew that if we continued this relationship that when he met his true mate, it will only end in heartbreak for me.
I looked at him, and he knew what I was about to do.
He pleaded with his eyes for me not to do it, but I said,
"I'm really sorry. but we both know when you meet your mate, you will leave me for her. I'm braking up with you." I felt really bad as I saw his world come down. He just walked back out the house. Broken and alone.
But oddly, Alex looked happy. I just shook my head, thinking that I was just imagining things.
Then suddenly, everything disappeared. I was in a field behind my house. There were thousands of vampires. And I mean they just kept coming!! I suddenly got a close up of one of the vampires watch, and saw that the time was like an hour from now. I started to panic. We had to leave. Now.
Then I saw faces in front of me. It was Alex. He was saying something to me.
"Baby, please wake up! Don't leave me!" I felt sparks shoot through me when he called me baby.
I rasped out,
"Never. But vampires are coming for us. We have to leave. Now."
I saw a lot of shocked faces in front of me. But I just got up off the floor and started to grab my things and throw them into a bag. I looked behind me and saw them not moving.
"MOVE!!! They'll be here in an hour!! We need to pack and get OUT of here!!" I exclaimed. Then they all jumped and started to get things packed.
I moved to my room after I finished grabbing my photos of my parents. Alex came in and started grabbing my shirts and stuff from my closet and stuffing them into a bag.
"Thanks. I really appreciate the help." I said giving him a smile.
"No prob, I would do anything for you" he said. And I felt like he meant something deeper than brotherly love. Then Robin guested into my room. he yells at me,
"You never wanted me, did you? You just played me. You tricked me with your devilish magic into believing that I could have such a lying bitch for a mate!"
I just stood there in shock. Then he slapped me. He. Slapped. Me! And I didn't do ANYTHING to stop it!!
I felt the tears start to stream down my face. Even if he wasn't my mate I still felt hurt that he broke his promise to never hurt me again.
"I didn't do any magic on you!!" I said through my sobs. And you know what? I'm SO DONE with Robin! I felt every ounce of love I felt for him leave my body... Or so I hoped.
Then I heard a deafening roar behind me.
I saw Alex in his Treant form. And he was angry. His '8,9' form pinned Robin against the wall. Then screamed in his woody sounding voice.
"You little piece of shit! How could you say that crap about her? She is NOT YOUR MATE!!! She never was your mate! And she DIDNT DO ANY MAGIC ON YOUR WORTHLESS ASS!!"

It felt pretty damn good to have a guy like Alex be there when you need a tall, protective person to handle douche bags for you.

Then realization formed in his face. And then anger took over as he said,
"YOU are her mate?? Why would she ever pick a TREANT OVER ME? You're a TREE!! An annoying piece of wood" and then Alex punched him. Hard.
Robin spit blood out and laughed. I had to stop this. I felt my fingertips glow as my magic raged inside me.
Then I yelled,
"STOP IT!!!!" Then I glared at Robin. "Actually I will take the 'tree' over you any day!" I used quotation marks around the word tree.
Alex smiled. He seemed genuinely happy that I picked him over Robin. And I would always pick him over Robin, even if Robin was my mate.
"Please take the trash out Mr. Annoying Piece Of Wood" I said.
He smiled and said,
"Never thought you'd ask" and then my Treant picked up Robin and put him outside. Not too gently either.
When he came back in my room, he was back in his human form.
"Is it true? Am I your mate?" I whispered.
Alex slowly nodded.
"But I haven't kissed you. I thought that's how you know who your mate is" I said confused.
"That's only for Shapeshifters. Other supernaturals can tell when their mate comes into power. Or when they reach 16." He said.
I felt a strong urge to kiss him now. But this wasn't the time. I had to put my feelings on hold for Danny's sake. If he still even loved me. I quickly excuse ms myself to go change.
I quickly grabbed an outfit that my aunt had gave to me saying it was my moms when she was my age. It was what she wore every time she went hunting.
It was a black shirt, with a bluish purplish undershirt, it was only half a shirt to allow for movement. It has shoulder pads and black pants.
I put on some grey gloves that were padded so that I didn't hurt my hands when I used my bow or if I punched someone. It also had grey boots to match.
I also put on my moms old arrow holder on my back, and a black and purple bow to match the outfit.
I felt a little closer to my mom wearing her old things. I walked out that room and everyone stopped.
"Let's load up and get the hell out of here." I said.
Alex stared at me with darkening eyes, but he gave his head a little shake
. He and Olivia went to start to put the bags in the truck. My aunt looked at me proudly.
"You look just like your mother." She said. I felt my heart flutter at being compared to my mom.
I looked at the time and saw that we didn't have much time before they got here. We had to leave to make sure we aren't no where near here when they arrive.
"Alex, can you carry Danny out? You're the strongest person here." I asked when he walked in. He smiled and shifted into his Treant and said with a wink,
"Anything for you babe."
I heard a knock at the door, so I went to open it, not expecting to see Robin. I felt a little anger flare inside me, making my fingertips glow again.
"Please let me come with you. I just don't want to be caught in the crossfire when they follow my scent to my house." He was begging me.
I looked at him. He was really asking for help. I really felt for the guy. He was scared of being killed by a coven of blood thirsty vampires. I sighed.

"Fine. Just don't cause any more trouble than you already have or I will leave you tied to a tree somewhere" I said fiercely.
I sighed again, but internally. Now all I have to deal with is Alex. Great.
When we walked in the room, Alex's eyes darkened to almost black with rage.
"Hell no" was all he said through his anger.
I looked at him and I said,
"He wants our help. And you don't own me. You may be my mate, but you ain't my boss."

He sighed, but nodded. He may not like it, but he knew it was right.

And with that we all piled in the truck and drove off.
But they weren't far behind us, and we all knew it. Our only chance was to get as far away as we could and hope they gave up on hunting my aunt in revenge for something she won't tell us about.

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