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Mr. and Mrs. Sungit Special Chapter No. 10

“The End is just the Beginning.”


A/N: I don’t want to be dramatic and all, kaya I will put this simply, thank you. The next story is on the process BUT I think, matatagalan pa siya ma-materialize. I hope, ma-post ko siya by January kahit slow updates lang. Hopefully, makakaraos rin tayo. She Bangs as you know it, is ON HIATUS. I’m still thinking kung i-dedelete ko ba sya o tatapusin o gawin ko na lang na short story (kahit 20 chaps lang). Ideal sa akin yung latter; let’s just hope for the best! :)

Anyway, welcome back SNSD! (I got a boy)

“Imagination is far way better than reality.” Kaya sana, lahat tayo, makahanap rin ng mga kaibigang katulad nina Charis, Josh, Kevin, Keith at Fara. Though they’re just a figment of my fickle imagination, their somewhat true and they’re a part of me.

Truthfully, hindi ko alam kung papano ang magiging katapusan neto. \-_-/ I just hope you’ll all like it.



“She didn’t make it?”

“I’m afraid so..”

“How will we tell him?”


“Huwag mong sabihing….?”


“Oh God.”

“Kumusta na siya?”

“He’s in the brink of giving up.”


“He didn’t commit suicide, did he?”

“about to.”


Remember when your parents used to tell you not to play in the mud because it’ll get really dirty? This is like my 8-year old self. I was a kid again. The ambiance is really serene. I want to be here forever… with my lolo.

“Lo, are we going to play hide-and-seek again? I want to!” I smiled brightly to him.

“Okay. We’ll play every day and forever if you want to.” He held my hand and he swing me freely. It’s like, he’s healthier and strong. Strange.


I noticed we’re walking and walking…. And walking. It’s like, this trail is endless. And as I looked at my Lolo, he started to disappear.

“Good bye Apo. Let the twins know I love them so much. Go back safely ok?” He started fading and he’s just like an apparition. A ghost.


What does that mean?

As I walked again.. Nag-iiba na naman ang paligid ko.

Kanina, everything is serene and so bright. When you’re there, it’s like you wanted to be there forever. Pagkatapos, ang endless trail.

Tapos…….. bigla na namang dumilim.

Pagmulat ko, I saw myself in the hospital bed, with all the kinds of tubes and machines you see to someone whose in the rim of dying.

Ms. Sungit Meets Mr. Sungit (Completed)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!