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A/N: Too d*mn sick from school works and exams :( Sorry for the late UD. And AGAIN, akala ko makakapag-UD ako nung 17, blame Kean Cipriano and his d*mn abs! Nanood kami ng mga baliw ng Callalily. :) Well, at least that made my 2 tiring weeks. And a week before that, hindi man lang talaga ako nakapagtype dahil nagpoprocarstinate ako sa upcoming midterm exams. (Don’t gaya-gaya me guys *Though studies show 99% of students procrastinate*) LOL. Here’s Another UD! Bawi-bawi na lang. :)


Keith’s POV


What are you going to do now dumbass?

Ugggggh! Friggin sh*t. Lahat ata ng mura namura ko na. Stay calm.

She’s not going any--… F*ck! Of course, she’s going! Nakaalis na nga ei! Uggggh!

The last thing I want to do is to hurt the one I love. Pero ito nga, umaandar yung pagkagago ko! God! Don’t let me lose her. Nagtatrabaho ako ng mabuti para masabi ko sa parents niya na, she deserves me. That I’m the man for him.

And now, masyado rin akong naengrossed sa trabaho na hindi ko narerealize.. she’s slowly departing from me. I hate this! I really really hate this! I’m a total Asshole!

If you’re just concerned enough to know what date is today.. maybe, you two may have a great time together.


Charis is the one for me. NO DOUBT. I’ve been with a lot of women, but nothing affects me this way than her.  Isang luha lang… I already panicked.  Isang tawa… She made my day.

She’s my world.

Puwet! Ang cheesy! Where does this all coming from? Si Josh lang naman ang cheexy sa aming barkada. Sh*t. I was cussing for an hour now.

And I can’t think straight!!!!!!



Dala-dala niya pa ang sasakyan! She’s not really a good driver. -____-

Honey. Where in the world are you? Come back to me.. please.

God. Baka naka kina Fara.

Ms. Sungit Meets Mr. Sungit (Completed)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!