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Nafrustrate ako na naeewan dahil hindi ako makapg-UD dahil sa lint*k na "not compatibloe dude* na yan.  

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Charis’ POV

“Hmmm.” Ang bigat ng pakiramdam ko. Parang…… parang… ayoko ko pa ring dumilat. Ang bigat ng talukap ko. :|

Too much drinking Charis! Too much drinking! This is what you get from it!

“Ugggghhh..” Hansakitttttttt ng ulo ko :|

Bigla akong tumagilid at nashock sa nakita ko @_@


“HAHAHAHA! Are you my husband? No, you’re not. I’m just hallucinating. Yun? Pupunta sa bar? Ei hindi nga yun tumatapak sa bar ei!” Tapos, hinampas hampas ko pa siya.

“You’re drunk Honey. Let’s go home.”

“Wow! You effin know his endearment to me. Are you really my husband? Hihihihi. Hik*” 





“Of course, I am.”


“If you are really, like you say so, then, I hate you!” 



“I’m so sorry Hon. But let’s talk when you’re sober. Common, let’s go home. You’re drunk.”



I remembered vaguely na nakalabas na kami ng bar. And then, I don’t know why, but I suddenly burst it all out.


“Remember when you told me you love me? I’m very happy about it because I feel the same way too. Remember when you told me you’re going to protect me and love me at all cause? Remember when you told me you’re going to make me a princess at our own castle? Remember when you told me, I am and will always be your first priority? I trusted you! I trusted you!” and then, I started crying… All the things that kept in my heart for so long, now, it was all left in the open. 

Ms. Sungit Meets Mr. Sungit (Completed)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!