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School Festival!

A/N: Wow!!! Oh ha oh ha! School Festival na! Can't you feel the ambiance??! Hehe...
Vote-Comment-Needed. Gumawo! =)



Josh's pov

Just great. Just when you thought this day can't get any better.

Una, dahil kaming dalawa ang top 1 and 2 sa exam sa physics and calculus, noong preliminary, kailangan naming mag partner sa isang Quiz Bee.... And they called it "Battle of the Brains"
Wala man lang originality.

Haiiiii, but at least I'm with her. The more I see her, mas nagiging erratic ang puso ko. I think I likeher. It's definitely because she's different. Very different than those girls who would throw their arms for him. 

At nakikita ko ring she's putting on a battle ground.

At kaming dalawa ang pangunahing players.

It's soooooo obvious that she's competing with me. I mean, with everything. Alam niya na siguro, na ako ang nagtop 1 sa exam. Honestly, I really don't care about it. Hindi ko rin naman ineexpect na mag tatop ako.

I thought my college life would be boring. But then, she came. That little tigress -- a she really amaze me!


She probably see me as an ENEMY.

And I would gladly take the role
with pleasure. *evil laugh*

Ms. Sungit Meets Mr. Sungit (Completed)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!